Boston Marathon Race Recap

The Boston Marathon is by far the most amazing running/race I have ever experienced! I woke up at 5:30am after a wonderful 8 hours of sleep, so glad the jet lag did not get to me. I had a full breakfast because the race did not start until 10am. I ate oatmeal,pb, and a banana with a big cup of coffee. After the breakfast I got all suited up and headed out to the Bus stop. I had planned on bringing my phone to take a ton of pictures but of course I left it in the CAR!!! Oh well I still have the photos in my little head.

I can not believe how organized this race is. They had water, food, blankets, gloves, tattoos(rub on), and more at the starting line. Thankfully it was not raining so we could walk around and keep our body’s warm. I met a lady named Julie Kennedy who had so many stories to tell me about her racing experiences! She has done NYC,Chicago,DC, you name it. I love meeting new runners at races and becoming great friends so fast.

I was in the first corral to leave along with 15,000 others. The anticipation at the starting line was unreal, I couldn’t wait for them to just say GOOOO!

Miles 1-5

The first five miles were amazing, besides the fact that I had to take a potty break! I guess that coffee went right through me. I made it quick and got right back on track. The race starts out slow, because you are dodging hundreds of people, but it didn’t matter because there were so many spectators that I was being entertained through the slowness. Well I wasn’t running as slow as I thought, when I looked down at my Garmin my pace was 7:30 I KNEW I needed to SLOW DOWN. My 5k time was 25:23, which is about an 8 minute mile so that was good.

boston09 066

Miles 6-10

My 10k time was 49:24. At mile 6 a girl approached me and asked me if I was Bobbi from NHerShoes? I of course said yes, she said she had recognized my shirt from my blog!!!! Her name was Jenny, I think she is a reader maybe even a blogger, if you are out their girl let me know???? She wished me luck and went on her way. I had so many wonderful people come up to me and wish me happy birthday and even SANG to me!!! WOW I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present!I looked for Lacey,  thought she was at mile 6 handing out water but I never saw her. My pace was ok, but I could tell I was still running a little too fast, it was hard not to when everyone was flying by you!!! People don’t walk in this marathon, they sprint! I loved the lound and spirited crowds, they had music and bells and they NEVER STOPPED cheering!!!! I barely even had my Ipod on.

boston09 062

 Miles 10-15

My half marathon time was 1:44:37 ( my fastest half marathon ever)which was great, but I knew if I didn’t slow down I was not going to make it. The race up until this point was a lot more down hill then I thought, and my IT band started to burn. I was taking my gels, and drinking my Heed but my stomach felt a little queasy. I kept telling myself this is just a LONG RUN, and I have done way more miles then this. At the half way mark it started becoming mental, even with all the cheering I had to stay focused. I decided that I was going to sow my pace down and ENJOY THE RACE, otherwise I would burn out.

Miles 15-20 THE HILLS!!!!

Whoever said that HEARTBREAK HILL was one hill, lied! Its SEVERAL!!! They were nothing that I couldn’t handle, but they just kept coming. I would get over one hill, and then before I knew it their was another, I am not even sure which one was Heartbreak Hill, I just know that they were killer and I pushed through them all!!! I glanced down at my garmin and my pace had dropped I was now running 9 minute miles, but I knew that I was fine because the hills were slowing me down. I wanted to take it all in, I seriously never listened to my music and just listened to all the students scream at BOSTON COLLEGE. I have never seen soooo many people out like this to cheer runners on. I was giving people high fives, and at mile 18 I grabbed an orange from a little kid just to give him the satisfaction of helping out! boston09 059

Miles 20-24

At mile 21 I hit a wall, I was starting to cramp up and became so discouraged when everyone was speeding by me. I told myself this is the FLIPPIN BOSTON MARATHON, you have trained for months, for years! I told myself, “this is your race, not all the other peoples!”. It was becoming a mental game, yes my body hurt but I could push through the pain, and then something AMAZING happened. I saw my Hubby POP OUT of the crowd and he started running with me. He wanted to give me another bottle of Heed, and I asked him to run with me for a bit, I needed HIM! This seriously was the best part of the race for me! Hubby was telling me “Good Job Babe, you see all these people they are cheering for you!” He stayed right by me and kept encouraging me, I took a moment to look at the crowd and started to get overwhelmed in a good way. I can’t believe I got to run 3 miles of the Boston Marathon with my AMAZING,KIND,ENCOURAGING Husband!!!! He seriously was the reason I made it to the finish line. He left me at mile 25 and said finish strong BABE!

boston09 076

boston09 078 


Hubby left me and I started picking up my pace, when I saw the 1 more mile sign I got tears in my eyes. I became a part of one of the most amazing events in running history, I was not just running the Boston Marathon, I was breathing it in! The crowd at the finish line was like being at Time Square on NEW YEARS EVE!!! I threw my fist up and they cheered louder, they were yelling, “ you’re doing great, your finishing, just run!”. I did just that, I sprinted hard and finished with arms up in the AIR!!!! WOW I was speechless.

Official Stats: Time 3:50:13, at 8:47pace. I couldn’t be more pleased! I was so happy to finish strong.

After Party Story To Come Soon…..

Today I am headed out to get an hour massage so needed, I woke up and my left IT Band is killing ME!!! I am also meeting some bloggers/readers at Sonsie for lunch and then going to Fenway Park for a tour!!!!

If you want to meet us for lunch just let me know I would love to meet all that are in the area!!!!!

I am reading your blogs, just not able to comment, thank you to all that gave me a wonderful shot out and posted about the race, I LOVE YOU GUYS!


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