Break Time: Best Sandwich EVER+Bosco’s Yoga Poses

I have been cleaning like a mad women! I put my Ipod in and have been working my little tail off. So far I have cleaned out ALL my closet, dresser drawers, and washed all of our bedding. Next I am tackling all the junk in my bathroom, I need to get rid of all the old makeup and lotions.


Bags going to the Salvation Army


I love being home for lunch, I get to be much more creative and get to take my time! I enjoyed lunch out on the patio with my new book. It’s actually very interesting.

Today for lunch, I went with a yummy Quinoa Bread, topped with one light laughing cow cheese, honey mustard, a 1/2 sliced gala apple, spinach, cucumbers and sprouts.

food 014

food 011

I am really liking this bread, nice and thick and not too grainy. The apples added the perfect crunch!

food 015I also had some baby carrots and red bell pepper hummusOpen-mouthed 

food 013

With a small bowl of FAGE and sliced strawberries. I feel completely satisfied and ready to get back to work!!!

food 010

This was too cute, Bosco was doing downward dog, such a peaceful dog!

food 017

See you tonight!


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