Workout Tips+ New Shoes+ Danskin Review #2+Big News!

Guess what I am pregnant!!!!

Ok April FOOLS! LOL I had to do it:)

Last night was quite spontaneous! I was so excited when my friend Melissa said that she would run my easy 3 mile run with me. We went out for about 30minutes, the weather was perfect and the conversation made the run fly by! She so graciously fed me after the run too:)


I had a yummy piece of lemon herb chicken on top of a slice of Double Fiber One bread. With a side of strawberries.

Melissa also had some interesting cheese that I just had to try, Vegan Rella..YUCK! I did not like the texture or taste, it’s non-dairy which is good for me but the nutrition information isn’t so HOT. Have and of you tried this?

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We then proceeded to Marshall’s (kind of like a Ross or TJ Max), because I needed a new candle and Melissa needed to buy a present for her cuz. I was tempted to buy so many unnecessary wants lovely things (aka running clothes), but I stuck to the plan and came home with one yummy smelling vanilla Yankee candle $5.99, a new hair brush $3.99, and a new book to read over my break “ The Great American Detox Diet” by Alex Jamieson, only $2.99.



This morning I planned on waking up at 5am and running with “Fast Jill” but for some reason my alarm NEVER went off, and I ended up getting up at 6am and having to run all by myself. I had a yummy piece of homemade ww bread and pb before I took off.

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Start out with an easy warm-up about 20 minutes or 2 miles. Then find a hill or up your treadmill to a steep incline. Find a hill that is approximately 400m long (.25 of a mile) and moderately steep, power up the hill six times at about 5k race intensity which should take you about 1.5-2 minutes. Recover by running down slow and easy, and then repeat. After the hills cool down with 10-15 minutes of easy running and then stretch!

I did this today, it was a total of 7 miles and was a KILLER workout. I have been feeling some tightness in my left IT BAND so I know I need to do some good stretching today. This workout will kick anyone’s butt and it ill help with your STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.


I ran in some new shoes today(I know I think this is the final pair). When I went to the running center yesterday, I think they were FED up with me which was RIDICLUOUSE! I am the one paying for the shoes!!! Sorry it made me a little irritated. Here are my new ASICS 2140’s, I had 2130’s they were rubbing my feet for some reason.


7 They are SUPER comfy, no rubbing on the arch so far! I think I will really know how they are after my long 22 mile run this weekend, so crossing my fingers! I am so mad at myself for WAITING too long for a new pair of shoes. 


I also ran in another wonderful item of Danskin’s, the Women’s Ultra Light Packable Pullover Top. I loved it, it kept me warm enough from the wind and cool enough from the sun. I don’t own a nice light running jacket, this one is perfect! I also love, that it has a zipper in the front up by the neck so you can put your ipod, keys, gel, or whatever in it. I also think it’s pretty cute!


I am loving the Danskin Active Line, they are really impressing me!

Lastly, (wow this post is long),My Recovery Monster after my intense workout this morning.

The Mix-Ins: Spinach, Carrots(a first), 2 tbsp of FAGE, 1 tbsp flax. 1 tbsp PB, 1/4 c blueberries, 1 scoop of Vanilla Whey protein, 1 c of almond milk, and a 1/2 banana.



I still can’t believe I am on Spring Break, I have so many things to get done, but I know I need to take this time to recuperate and relax as well. Time to tackle this list:

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Love YA Guys!


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