Bride Wars, Party Tips & Annie Review

Ok it’s almost 9am on a Saturday and if I am going to get anything done this is going to have to be short and sweet. Last night I went out with 6 lovely ladies to see Bride Wars, it was cute, silly, fun, and just all around a great chick flick. I even shed a little tear, it touched this girls heart. I am a big fan of Kate Hudson, and she was great in this movie!

Before I went to the movie, I hit up the gym for what was supposed to be a quick workout. When I got to the gym my friend Katie was there and we ended up chatting on the ET machine for almost an HOUR! I burned 650 calories, and am SORE today. I haven’t been on the ET machine for that long ever, I usually get bored. We are going to be doing that more often, I love having workout buddies.

Cool story here I must share with you all. Yesterday I went to go purchase my books online for my A&P class. All was good until I saw that my books are going to be over 300 dollars!!! WHAT! The class is only 80 dollars!! I was kinda of depressed and started talking myself  out of going back to school. That’s just a lot of money to fork out right now. Well to make a long story short, Katie told me last night that her Hubby took that class and he could give me his BOOK! I was shocked, God is so good.

After class I ran home and ate a quick dinner, 2 ww waffles with AB and honey. Oh and I got a FUN PACKAGE I can’t wait to share with you, soon!!!Then packed some treats to the movies with me, I knew the waffles wouldn’t hold me over. I brought a 100 calorie pack of popcorn, an orange, 5 or 6 peppermint chocolate mints, and some Snacktrition trail mix. O and I packed a water bottle. This was SO Much better then buying the movie theater snacks.

december27th 003

Oh and hubby tried some of Annie’s Ravioli I got from Target!

december27th 001 december27th 002

Here is his review:

“The Annie ravioli was great. It tastes like a Chef-Boyardee’s Spaghetti O’s. In fact, these cans are really stuffed to the very tip top and when I was done, I actually felt like I had a filling meal. $1.25 meal satisfiedthis hubby.”


This week I leave you with a link from the wonderful Andrea of Off Her Cork about tips for your next party!!! Check it out:

Label the food when you entertain

Hubby and I are having our first super bowl party and are looking for lot’s of idea out there. I use EVITE, a great way to send your friends invitations. I got some great stuff at Target as far as decorations. Do you have some ideas for our Super Bowl Party?????

Alright folks I am out of here, still need to eat breakfast!

Plan for the day:

-pick up books for school
-cousins 18th birthday party at 1pm
-wine tasting with friends in Temecula


P.S. If you haven’t done so already leave a comment here for a contest this week. Oh and I am adding something too, if you have already left a comment you can go back and leave another comment, just SAY A LITTLE something on your blog about the contest and you can have TWO entrees into the CONTEST!


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