I am enjoying my laborish day :). Even though I am at work and not laying at the pool like most of you, but I am making the best of it! For my mid morning snack, I enjoyed a Sandwich Thin with PB and a juicy plum.

blog 046

I love cutting my sandwiches up, takes me longer to eat.

For lunch I had “rabbit food” as Hubby likes to call it.

blog 047 

One kiwi, sweet peppers I got at Costco, Food Should Taste Good Chips, hummus( look in the left corner) and a veggie wrap!

blog 048

My wrap has HAIR!!!

Today I wanted to share a budgeting tip I have found this weekend. I found Mint.com, which also has an application for the iPhone. A free and wonderful software that helps you manage your money!!!  They have outlined: Budget Planning, Creating A Budget, and Tracking A Budget. To make it even easier, they have included a section of Tools You Can Use. Why have we never used this?!

Hubby and also use a wonderful excel spread sheet that Hubby has created and it has been a great tool!


My account shows 0 because we do not budget my kickboxing money I make every month, that’s my “free” money(what I bought my running shoes with)! I am going to make it my GOAL this month to be under budget for the first time since the Keep it Simple Challenge!!!

Question: Are you a saver or a spender??!



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