Burger for Him

It has been one crazy night!!! I don’t think I really sat down ALL day. I am hosting 4 very large groups at work and have been running around like a crazy person all night. I am basically a wedding planner, but for retreats. So imagine being in charge of 4 weddings on the same day!! But I love the madness, it is what I was made for.

So let’s recap my Friday: Kettle bells, Coffee Date, Grocery Shopping, Baked Muffins…

made whole wheat banana bread in the bread maker..


and checked on the fruit in the dehydrator…one more day to go. That was only half of my day!!!!


Friday nights I am at work until 8:30pm and sometimes later. So I have to bring our dinner to work. This afternoon I picked up some grass fed beef to make Hubby a burger. He has been craving beef. So how do you make a burger at work? Bring the George Foreman of course!!!


With some Colby cheese. 


and organic kettle chips.


I enjoyed leftovers ๐Ÿ™‚


I actually ate leftovers all day! I had to go to the market before work this morning, because this week is JAMMED pack and I don’t want us to run out of food. I’ll show you what I got tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

This Weekends Plans

  • Work (Sunday and Saturday)
  • Hockey Game with the BFF’s on Saturday Night + PF CHANGS!!
  • Long Run Sunday Morning (it’s going to be an early one)
  • Baby Shower
  • Cousins over for dinner Sunday Night (this will be a crockpot meal)




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