We can buy more clothes, more food, more cars, more stuff…but one thing we can’t buy more of is TIME! Don’t you wish you could buy MORE time?!! This weekend I realized something…

I need to figure out a way to spend less time cleaning on the weekends and more time having fun and enjoying NOT CLEANING!

Here’s my plan:

Monday: Bathroom
Tuesday: Dust+Clean Glass Windows
Wednesday: Vacuum
Thursday: Sweep+Mop
Friday: (Hubby does laundry) Counters and Stove..a good scrub down. 

I am hoping this helps!!!

This afternoon I had a cup of Cinnamon Apple Herb Tea..mmmm..It was like fall in a cup! 

Picture 367

After work I rushed to Cross Country Practice and did a lovely 3.5mile run with the team. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We took it easy, because the kids have a meet tomorrow.

After our run I headed over to SBUX a Monday ritual to have Coffee with my College Roomie Jess, well kind of. She called me from Philly and we chatter for an hour, while I enjoyed my snack. Miss HER!

dinner 022

Picture 368

I had a home-made power bar and a cup of Rooibos Tea with honey. 

Picture 369

After my Coffee date I taught a mean Kickboxing CLASS! I felt great tonight, I was full of energy must have been that Power Bar 😉

Dinner was simple and delicious! A bowl of Cinnamon Puffins, nanner, almond milk, and Barney Butter.

Picture 370

Time to hit the shower and call it a night!!!


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