Good morning friends!

Camp has been such a blessing. Meals with friends, reading by the lake, blobbing, swimming, singing, and so much more.

Yesterday I did get in and awesome swim workout at the camp pool! Gotta love the cap and goggle look 😉

I am really starting to fall in love with swimming.

What I wore day 3: Comfy white T, pinstripe skirt and my anniversary necklace. (yes I am standing on the toilet, don’t judge!)

Yesterday was Lake Day. We threw our suits on and played all day in the sun 🙂

In style of course!

And rested….well he did!

We had picnic lunch , I enjoyed a veggie burger and one large salad.

Later we had a shake date. Forest Home has the best shakes!!! My first one this year 🙂

Then it was off to our “Adult” dinner! Fancy Fancy! Homemade BREAD?!  Yes please!

Fillet Minon with fresh asparagus and gorgonzola cheese gnocchi. Drool. .

With a cranberry spinach salad.

Dessert was a three part homemade ice-cream, chocolate, banana, and strawberry with carmel sauce.

The rest of the evening we spent playing Phase 10 with the gang! Needless to say it was a late night!

More shinanigans to come!!

Question: What is your favorite card game of all time??




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