Let’s check up on those Holiday Goals….

#1. Stick to eating two sweets a week. (so far so good 🙂 )

#2. Get in 4 days of good cardio workout. (YEP)

#3. Enjoy two “adult” beverages a week. (On it!)

#4.  Have a DATE night one night a week again with just Hubby and I. (this week will be our first in a while)

#5. Spending 10-20 minutes (at least) a day reading scripture and really remembering the meaning of the season! (slacking!)

#6. Eating at home at least 6 nights a week! (YEP)

#7. Make more gifts with meaning behind them. not just getting “things”. (Working on it)

#8. LAUGH MORE! Must go to Disneyland again! (Might go next week! )

#9. Helping out a charity, with funds or with service. or shoot BOTH! (Got the day off work)

#10. Do a Holiday race (Registered and ready!)

So far so good. Sometimes it’s good to check up on what was laid down 😉


A simple sandwich.


2 pieces of Nature’s Pride Bread, an egg, and a piece of turkey sausage.


Something else I made last night…recipe to come soon 🙂


Happy almost Friday!!!

Question: How are you doing on your Holiday goals?


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