Christmas Decorating Sunday!

Can I have one more day? O so I wish I had one more day, but then I remember I am thankful that I have a job to go to tomorrow!!! I want to spend some time getting prepared for my first day back at work so I will have to make this post a quickie.SUNDAY HAPPENINGS

Hubby and I were going to get a Christmas tree at the farm, but then quickly realized that it would be more economical to buy one that will last along time. So we hit up Costco and purchased our first Christmas tree together. While I was there I grabbed yummy samples of course.

For lunch we stopped by my rent’s house to grab my step dad’s truck. While we were there I had a turkey sandwich and a side salad. The turkey sandwich was pretty plain but I like it that way, turkey light mayo and whole wheat bread. I also grabbed an apple to complete the meal.

When we got home after the Costco run, I quickly started organizing my office. Another thing I hoped to do on this Thanksgiving break, and it looks beautiful!!! Now I just have to keep it like this.

My office

My Inspiration Board, do you have one of these?


After the organizing I got to working on tomorrows POTM result post for tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to see the results! I cooked a delicious dish from Mrs. Rachel Ray, Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie. I had a glass of Manage a Trios, that we picked up from Costco one of my faves! I want to go back to Napa; I just love the wine up there.

I love putting together the tree, and I am so blessed that we have one to decorate this year!!! We listened to Christmas music had some more wine, and danced around! Here a few pics from around the house and of the tree, I love to go all out for Christmas without overdoing it!

Bosco wanted to help!

The Hubby and I have a tradition where we exchange ornaments every year, and we have to make them!!!

Well now that the day of decorating and Christmas tree shopping is over I am going to relax and read a little of “At First Sight” the novel I have been reading by Nicholas Sparks. If you haven’t gotten your POTM totals you have until midnight tonight Pacific time!!!O and about that Christmas shopping ideas check out my friend Rachel’s post about gift guides for athletes!!! Click here


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