WOW I never knew doing this Challenge would be so FUN and REWARDING! I really started the challenge to get my butt back out there pounding the pavement, and it did! I would never have ran 11 miles on Thanksgiving without all of you hold me accountable and cheering each me on! This Thanksgiving I can say I honestly piled on the MILES and not the POUNDS. Curiosity got the best of me and I stepped on the scale to see if I gained a pound, and I weighed a pound less!! WOOT WOOT! I piled on 45.3 miles which is nothing compared to most of you! But I’am happy with that total because now I am going to kick it up a notch!

I love this comment by Caroline bee I couldn’t have said it better myself:

“Everyone ran an INSANE amount! Regardless of who won, every single person challenged themselves, broke personal records, and did what they probably thought they couldn’t do before.”

Well with out going on and on here are all the contestants and their total mileage:

Amanda @ Shakin and Siftin : 100.3
Melissa @ Trying to Heal :59.5
Moran @ The Running Addict: 40
Lacey @ Common Objects and Everyday Events: 127
Catherine @ Stevia and Spice: 63.57
Heather @ Hangry Pants; 105.24
Meghann @ The Inner Workings of a College Graduate 94.7
Andrea @ Off her Cork; 39.6
Caitlin @ See Bride Run; 62.9
Amanda @ Run to Finish 88.29
Monica @ RunEatRepeat: 131.38
SAmmie @ runningwitharecipe : 135.78
HoneyNutLoe: 65.02 miles
Mica @ Micapie: 83.22
Katie @ findingmyinnerfoodie: 112.4
Sarah @ : 92
Sarah @ : 69.3
Jennie Kim (a wonderful reader): 96.9
Kelsey (reader): 118.2
Lora Swarts: 60.02
Amisha(reader): 91
Nhershoes(me): 45.3

Together we piled on: 1,763.52 miles!

The NIKE POTM winner ran 526.53 WHO HAS THAT MUCH TIME!!!!


In third place: Lacey @ Common Objects and Everyday Events: 127 total miles

In second place: Monica @ RunEatRepeat: 131.38 total miles

And finally I crown the winner of the Inaugural 2008 POTM Challenge: Sammie @ runningwitharecipe : with 135.78 total miles

way to go ladies, you inspire me to run hard!

Congratulations to everyone, you are all winners in my book!!! YOU WOMEN ROCK!

Ladies please send me your full name and mailing address so I can send you your goodies!

Thank you to all who participated, I have a great idea for another challenge starting the New Year off right but I would love some suggestions???? Remember to get your recipes in for the FREE CreateYourOwn Cookbook CERTIFICATE!!! Have a wonderful day back to work everyone, remember to be THANKFUL for that JOB!!!


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