Christmas Dinner With the Besties

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday this weekend is just flying by, but that’s ok because for the next 8 days I get a nice LONG WEEKEND!

Friday night we had my Besties and their Hubby’s over for a
Christmas Dinner. I made it a little extra fancy with place cards and candles.

bobbi 244

bobbi 246  bobbi 256

I love these placemats from World Market, I always forget to use them.

bobbi 247

We had a cheese ball and crackers out while dinner finished cooking. 

bobbi 250

Ginger brought the Salad

bobbi 258

and I made Stuffed Shells, these are the easiest and best things to make!

bobbi 253

I enjoyed a glass of Cab with my dinner 

bobbi 257

There were also a lot of other extra yummy drinks!

bobbi 249 

My plate of goods 

bobbi 260


bobbi 261

I wanted to be in the picture:) 

bobbi 262

After our lovely dinner we played some PIT

bobbi 264 

Bosco joined us

bobbi 266

He preferred Apples to Apples

bobbi 269

Then came Dessert, Danielle brought assorted Cheesecake from TJ’s. I had a half a piece of the Turtle Slice..HEAVEN!

bobbi 270

Then it was present time!!! I just love D’s wrapping, I long to be a good wrapper one day!

bobbi 272

I was super excited to get some wonderful goods to blog about from Ging, she knows me too well. I also got the TBL cookbook

bobbi 273

I can’t believe we have been BFF’s for 15 YEARS!!! (by the way there both prego!!) I can’t wait for next years party we will have little ones running around!

bobbi 275

Such a fun night!


Saturday for me was an ALL DAY SHOPPING EXTRAVEGANZA!!! I did manage to get an hour of kickboxing in before I took off. I was so determined to get sll my gifts in hope to not have to go back. I didn’t have to much to buy , I kinda just wanted to get out and see all the manic people 🙂 I live for the thrill of it all!


I made sure I wore some comfy clothes and shoes because I knew it was going to be a long day.


The first mall I went to wasn’t that crowded, but the second one I hit up was PACKED!! Half way through I hit the food court and did manage to find a healthy lunch, veggie sandwich on wheat and tomato soup.


I was still left a little hungry, thank goodness two hours later I got some FREE BLISS samples. I twitted about how I would never bring children with me shopping and I don’t know how people do it they must be SUPER MOMS!!! I also twitted about seeing four year olds in strollers, WHY?! I guess I will have to learn all of this one day when I am a mom.


8 hours later I left the mall and headed home. I was in no mood to make dinner so I ordered a pizza and picked it up to surprise Hubby. I had them make half of it a veggie with no cheese and the other half with cheese and pepperoni. Guess what half I chose?! 😉

bobbi 276

I plopped right on the couch after dinner and watched The Holiday Inn, which is one of my favorite classic Christmas movies! I also had a cup of coco 🙂

bobbi 279

Hubby and I stayed up late catching up on all the shows we DVR’d, like Sing Off..what a neat show! I love acapella! 

Hubby and I just got back from teaching Sunday school to the little ones, so cute!  We another fun Holiday day planned, my nieces 6th birthday party plus the Balboa Light Parade with friends!

Did you hit the malls this weekend? Are you still alive!


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