This morning Skinny Bride, the “Boss” and I went out for a run and got coffee. This was the perfect way to start out my crazy busy weekend running and coffee are such a good mix :).

At the coffee shop I bought some fresh fruit, that cost me my left arm, but it was a local Mom and Pop Shop so I didn’t feel too bad getting ripped off!

I also had a half of a banana muffin that was AMAZING!! I think I should have muffin for breakfast every FRIDAY!

I also got this Mango & Ginger Dressing at work yesterday for free, and I had it on my salad today at lunch. It was super delicious and made with all natural ingredients fresh mango, black pepper, salt, rice vinegar, honey, and ginger.

It was so good!!! I also added sprouts to my summer salad today, a nice change.

I finished off my Kashi Crackers…

Topped with this super ripe avocado, holy yummers!

Alright I am off to get back to work, have a Happy Friday and I will see you tonight. I have a meeting at 7pm, but I have no idea what to have for dinner tonight.

What should I have for dinner? Should I go out? Should I stay in?? What are you doing??


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