The RFC has made me SUPER BUSY (in a good way) in the kitchen! I have been cooking up a storm..or should I say EXPERIMENTING! I would love to say that I think of all of my recipes on my own :)  Most of the time I get inspiration from my cookbooks.

I want to share my favorite Real Food Cookbooks with you guys!


#1. Clean Start: This one is full of vegetarian recipes. Lots of delicious salads! There is a lot of ingredients I don’t always have, but if I plan well it’s always worth it! It’s one of the most amazing cookbooks that I use in my kitchen. All of the recipes are pretty easy and all are completely delicious. It really gets me out of my comfort zone.

#2. Cooking Light Slow Cooker Cook Book: Of course I am a BIG fan of the Cooking Light Magazine and I love this cook book just as much. I have made everything from Poor Man’s stew, Pot Roast, and Chicken Tortilla Soup. Everything I have made has been super yummy. Some of the recipes do take some time, but in the end it’s worth it!!

#3. The Best of Clean Eating: By far my favorite of them all. 200 easy, simple, and real recipes! The desserts are some of my favorite. The provide, delicious, low-fat, seasonal, local, budget-friendly, quick and easily made recipes that can be shared with family and friends. The editors of Clean Eating have chosen their top 200 recipes to be included in their first-ever cookbook. Bonus! 20 new recipes!

Your turn! What are your favorite cookbooks? 


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