Could Talk About Food for a Living

Last night’s brainstorming session at Fresh and Easy was the highlight of my week 🙂 Megan and I drove down to LA together and had so much fun chatting away (if you haven’t checked out her new blog you should 🙂 ).

When we got to the F&E headquarters we were brought into a large meeting room that was absolutely beautiful! I loved how their entire office had that “spa” feeling.


We got some writing tools.


I was excited that dinner was provided, because I was FAMISHED! The two hour car ride wore me out.


Kale salad. I am not sure if they sale this in the stores, I am assuming so. It was very delicious I need to find it!


Lots of sandwich choices on whole wheat bread, this made me happy.


I had a half of the veggie patty sandwich and…


half of the chicken sandwich. They were both great and filled with fresh veggies.


I also had a nice portion of the Kale Salad.


They had organic cookies too. I was pretty full so I grabbed one for Mr. McCormick 🙂


My date 🙂


In the meeting we discussed a lot about labels and how much the mean to each of us. We did a couple of fun exercises to help F&E understand our perceptions. On the food below we were asked to look at each product and let them know what it was that stuck out to us and why. I really liked that they wanted our input and were willing to hear all of our ideas 🙂


It was so great to meet other bloggers in the So Cal area, because I swear most bloggers come for the east!


The beautiful bloggers


Megan and I were so stoked when we got some great swag!


There are some great products in here that I can’t wait to try! We also got a gift card to F&E, groceries for the week 🙂


Thank you Fresh and Easy for listening to your customers and for trying to really meet everyone’s needs!! I hope to be able to do more events like this in the future, it was a great experience.


This morning I am running my Tempo Run with Jackie and her friend. Then I am off to co-host a Women’s Retreat at my work!!

Pre-Run snack before I head off: Nanner+Oat Bran Bread+ Maranatha Peanut Butter


Question: What are some of the places that you are a patron of, that you would like to sit in on a brain storming session??

Have a wonderful Friday friends!! 🙂


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