Couples Retreat


Sorry for no blogging last night. I took the Cross Country and Volleyball Team out for pizza, and yes I had one small piece and loved every bite of it!!

This morning I decided not to go for a run at 5am with my running buddies, because I didn’t have to be to work until 10am. Instead, I woke up without the alarm and decided to just run naked… well without my Garmin :). I just wanted to run and not with any time or distance in mind. I also decided to pick up Bosco at the end and take him for a jog with me. I think I did about 3 miles and ran for about 30 minutes. It felt great just to run freely!!!

Picture 068

After 10 minutes he was pretty warn out! I came home and made a beautiful bowl of Pumpkin Oats, with a spoonful of AB and Pumpkin Butter.

Picture 074

I love this bowl! It was a Christmas gift from Hubby last year 🙂

Picture 073

All Mixed UP!

Picture 075

After breakfast, I packed my bags for the get-away weekend. Hubby and I are going to a Couples Retreat.

Picture 076

I am actually registering for the conference this afternoon, but once everyone is checked in we get to enjoy the conference along with everyone else. I am excited because we have friends joining us, including Skinny Bride! I love getting away for the weekend, I know it will be a re-energizing time together :).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Not sure when I will blog next, but I do have a half marathon on Sunday so stay tuned…



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