Creating the Vintage Farm House Look {Tips}

I have gotten the remodeling bug again! Starting to mix things up a bit for a bit of change. I got into this mode last July too, it must be the summer that brings it out in me. We don’t like to spend a lot of money on furniture or home pieces, we would rather spend money on experiences rather than things. But it is amazing what you can do on the cheap if you do it your self and get super thrifty.

The area in our house that I have been putting a lot of effort into is our dining room (still). It’s where we spend a ton of our time, gathering for meals, reading, enjoying coffee/a glass of wine, and these days with my brother staying with us for a bit it’s where I tend to work. I have always loved the homeyness of a farm house kitchen and since our home is older and charming it does fit the style of our home perfectly! You can see my July post for my inspiration.

Here is what we started with: 

A little more modern and a bit too cluttered, still loved it all for a season. 


Then we started the makeover to more “Vintage Farm House” last summer: 

We switched my parents for a more “Farm House” table that we still have big plans for. 


Since then we have done quite a bit: 


1. New to us wine rack (Ikea) from our parents that we will paint and re-do.
2. Are rug from Marshall’s.
3. White old chairs that I spray painted white.
4. A coffee rack that I recently got from Hobby Lobby.
5. Fun new picture wall gallery that I am about to change.
6. New white shear curtains from Walmart that were a whole $6 a panal. Love the way the light shines in more now!
7. New light fixture.
8. Adding planks to the table top for a more rustic flavor and painting the legs of the table to match the chairs.



I just love this new coffee corner, it turned out just the way we wanted!


Here is what our chairs that I bought from a friend for a whole $25 for 5, looked like before. I didn’t even sand the chairs, just spray painted about two coats with white indoor spray paint.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.41.22 PM
Looks even cuter with RJ sitting in it 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.41.39 PM


This month on the DIY docket: 

1. Paint walls grey. I love this color from @alongthedirtroad.


2. Making a gallery wall with much bigger frames and pieces.
3. Painting our buffet, not sure what color yet.
4. Painting and hacking our wine bar.
5. Updating the fireplace cover.

YAY for summer projects!

Question: What is one thing in your house that you are dying to makeover? 







One response to “Creating the Vintage Farm House Look {Tips}”

  1. I love the coffee corner and the wall gallery! We’ll be remodeling this summer as well, must be in the air. And grey walls are my favorite, so chic! Can’t wait to see more after pics!