{Virtual} Coffee Date

Morning Friends!

I am still alive, promise 😉 It’s been such a fun past couple weeks getting some dreams off and running, a sweet and short trip to visit my Dad in Chicago and working up at Forest Home over Memorial Day weekend. I believe we need to sit and savor a beautiful cup of coffee together on this fabulous FRIDAY! Plus, RJ is still sleeping and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for cozy!

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If we were having coffee this morning…. I would tell you that the Refresh Summit Virtual is LIVE! You can sign up for it today! It will be next Saturday June 13th from 11-2:30pm PST, but it will be recorded so you can still sign up even if you can’t make it that day. It is also FREE and will give you a taste of what the Refresh Summit’s have to offer. Also we launched our Refresh Summit South this week as well! It will be October 30-November 1st! Spots are quickly filling up!

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If we were having coffee this morning…. I would tell you that our weather is still a bit wacky but it is supposed to get warmer this weekend and this week we had a couple of the most beautiful spring days! RJ and I LIVED outside! It was so nice to paint, play in the grass and just chill. Well let’s face it with a toddler there is no “chill” but it was still fun to see her enjoy the backyard. I am excited because we are getting her a swing set and then we will never have to leave the house again! Ok, on a occasion..maybe 😉

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If we were having coffee this morning…. I would tell you that visiting Chicago this past week to hang out with my Dad was a blast! RJ did great on both flights (never flying SPIRIT AGAIN though) and we got to hit up a Cubbies game! I have been to Chicago several times, so it was nice not to have to do the super tourist things and just spend time hanging out together on his porch and just relaxing. We missed the Hubby on this trip, but I am sure we will be back soon.

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If we were having coffee this morning…. That the shelf I have been eyeing at Hobby Lobby went on sale for 50% off and my coffee bar is finally complete! I have seen this coffee bar floating around pinterest and it’s always either sold out! I wish I could have you all over for a cup of coffee so you could enjoy it!

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If we were having coffee this morning…. I would tell you that I am half way through my 10 week challenge with Propel. I am doing some assessments this weekend to see if my body fat percentage has gone down but overall I feel amazing! I have stuck to my three a day TRX workouts (even in Chicago) and two days of cardio classes or a run. I am drinking my Propel with electrolytes and feeling like a rockstar!  I am not super strict on watching my Macros, but I am counting and trying to be more aware of a balanced plate of  fats, carbs and proteins. It’s amazing how much I am learning about my body and how I feel when one of them is missing! Full update on that to come.

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If we were having coffee this morning…. I would tell you that I found these cute print-outs for free on Pinterest! I was getting a little overwhelmed with all that we have going on this summer and needed some big visual calendars to lay everything out. Aren’t they the cutest? I put them in our laundry room, right where we both can see them to remind us of what is going on that week. Normally our weeks are pretty simple and I live day by day, so this summer having to be somewhere daily will be a bit of a challenge, but fun and just a season.

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If we were having coffee this morning…. I would tell you that raising a toddler is HARD! Not impossible, but it’s a challenge. We have hit the tantrum stage and the “Mama NO” stage (prayers welcome). Daily I need to walk in grace and have my full armor on before the day begins. I have been waking up extra early to get in some time with Jesus, to learn from his word and to just PRAY! RJ isn’t a strong willed child (yet), but she is testing boundaries and learning all about choices. This season is critical in laying a foundation of right from wrong and that Mama and Papa are in charge. Not a super fun season for sure, but I know that she know’s we love her and want what’s best for her (ok, maybe she doesn’t know that yet, but one day).

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If we were having coffee this morning….I would tell you that TODAY is the last day to sign up for my last SUMMER SHRED of the SUMMER! It will start on Monday, so sign up today! It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am excited to see you all work hard and reach your goals and just have a lot of fun!

So friends, what’s new with you?! 




2 responses to “{Virtual} Coffee Date”

  1. The coffee bar looks amazing! How did I not know you were doing a refresh south?!?

  2. So glad summer is here and I have time sit and read your posts. Love the calendars link and hearing all you are up to