Summer Shred // June 2015 Sign Ups


GREAT NEWS! The Summer Shred 2015 is back for a JUNE installment!

Here what our May Shredders are saying:

NSV! I accidentally bought the wrong size in a shirt last fall, but loved it too much to return it. Today, I’m wearing it!! It fits and is even a bit flowy and loose!! Thankful for you all and this journey together!”

“My ‪#‎NSV is tracking my eats for 2 full weeks now and exercising every day except the rest day I took yesterday. You guys – I seriously feel great. I had started tightening up a bit before the shred started but even more since. I feel so strong. I am down 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Since my last baby I had to wear tights under my dresses because of thigh rub but NO MORE!!! All the squats are paying off!! And I am completing the push ups now without dropping to my knees. Hallelujah!”

“I did Body Pump today and couldn’t believe how strong I was. It was my first time since baby and thought I would struggle through it, but the shred has made me stronger!! These past three years have been amazing!”

“I broke down a couple months ago and bought pants for work in the next size up because I was tired of my clothes not fitting and I wasn’t doing anything about it. Today I have been pulling those same pants up constantly, and had someone comment that it was time to buy new pants because these are too big! At least I can go back to my old pants and it won’t cost me money, another victory!”

“The incredible stories of transformation have been overwhelmingly joyous to my soul! It’s those changed lifestyles and rejuvenation of a new walk that keeps me wanting to serve you guys!”

“My ‪#NSV‬ is that I can wear these pre-pregnancy jeans. I tried them on last Friday & couldn’t even get them past my thighs. Guess those squats are working. With that being said, last summer many of you participated in our Summer Shred Survey in which I got some great feedback on what you guys felt was good, felt needing improvement and give me suggestions that I could do to help make this something you could enjoy with your family and friends. Well, I’ve got to say, this looks to be our best and most focused Summer Shred ever!”


One of the biggest barriers you said that was stopping some of your friends/family from participating was cost. So no more $45 for the Summer Shred. I know that this is an INCREDIBLE product and the amount of lives that have been changed by “shredding” with me just warms my soul so much!

How could I not want to find a way to allow those who need encouragement on the start of a new healthy journey or provide that extra needed support for all of us to be bathing suit comfortable??!?!

We also heard that three months of shredding (Summer Shred, Extreme Shred and Ultimate Shred) was just too much and just two months would be perfect. So, we are doing the Summer Shred and Summer Shred: Next Step! And with the help of my awesome team who helps me put these incredible shreds together, we decided to have our best SUMMER SHRED OFFER ever!


• Register for the Summer Shred (CLICK HERE) by Friday, June 5 ( ) for the incredible price of $35. (Last year $45)

• Register for the Summer Shred Package (CLICK HERE), ( ) which includes both the Summer Shred and Summer Shred: Next Step by Friday, June 5 for brand new packaged deal of $65! (Last year $85)

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– Payment Deadline for starting in the June Summer Shred – Friday, June 5
– First day of the June Summer Shred – Monday, June 8
– First day of the Summer Shred: Next Step (for those who purchase the June combo) – Monday, July 6

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at