What a wonderful dinner here at the McCormicks! We had a beautiful time together last night, I just love my family! I don’t think I appreciated having four younger brothers so much when I was little because I was always the babysitter but now I LOVE it. My brothers are amazing each one of them (that’s a different post all together). So here are the night’s shenanigans.

The pretty menus and place cards ( I so could be a party planner I love doing this kind od stuff). Wish we could have used some nice Christmas dining wear but we have none and I DIDNT want to do MORE dishes..lol

My brothers wanted to show theirs off.

While we waited for dinner to finish the guests enjoyed some of these lovely appetizers. These were so SIMPLE to make. Festive Crostini

Along with some Eating Benders Peppermint Eggnog Punch, everyone love this!!!!

Then on to dinner: Baked Pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cheese, I used whole wheat pasta and gound Italian Turkey Meat instead of sausage. A little healthier. This was so yummy!

With Autumn Salad: Romaine And Radicchio, Tomato Wedges, Wheatberry Sprinkles (Wheatberries, Dried Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Golden Raisins, Chopped Carrots, Scallions, In Molasses And Balsamic Vinegar) And goat cheese.

I didn’t get a picture of my plate, I was having too much of a good time to care.

My first glass of wine

My brother obviously loved all the food! He is a growing teenager.

Second glass of wine.

Here comes dessert from the McCormick Bakery (thanks hubby) with 43 candles! My daddy is still so young.

My lovely plate of dessert, with a small scoop of peppermint ice cream. I normally don’t like cake, but because hubby made it I ate half:)

My third glass of wine.

Bosco wanted to join the party!

Family portraits, we all should be on Americas Next Top Model!

And lastly my brothers and I are always a little competitive, a little; lol…so Jeremiah challenged me in a push up contest. Notice that I am still in my running shoes because when I got home I didn’t have time to change; I just had to start cooking right away. NO MAKE UP either…lol…so here is a lovely video to see me kick my bro’s butt at push ups!


We said our farewells, and here is a picture of the beautiful lights hubby put up.

The night was perfect! My dad had a great time, he just loves stuff like this. I am sorry two of my brothers couldn’t come, but work calls. We took some leftovers to them, I know they will enjoy!

Saturday to do list:

Dishes (booo)
Christmas Cards
A little shopping ONLINE
Surprise Dinner for Friend Justin
House Warming Party at the Verdurous

BUSY DAY! Love all the celebrations!


P.S. Remember tomorrow is the last day to get in your recipes for the CreatYourOwnCoookbook CONTEST!!!!!