Mission Accomplished

This morning was a success!!!! I got everything done and then some:) Ran a good 3 miles in 23 minutes burned 35 calories! Went to the market, prepped dinner, and made breakfast and all before 9:30am waking up early did pay OFF!

Here is a pic of everything I got from the market for tonight’s dinner (notice the squash back there still haven’t cooked it).

I made the best bowl of Oats every I call it my FRIDAY FUN, this was the first time I have ever put chocolate chips in my oats. I have been missing out!


1/2 c oats
1/2 c water
1/2 c vanilla soy milk
1/2 sliced banana
handful of flax seeds
1/8 nutty banana boom PROBAR
1 tbs of mini chocolate chips
a spoonful of Barney Butter

MMMM….it was perfect!

Tonight I am so excited about trying Eating Benders Egg Nog Punch, with Meghann’s favorite ice cream!!!! They are going to love it I know!

Well I am on lunch so this has to be a short post:) Can’t wait until dinner, I got everything ready all I have to do is set the table and throw the pasta in the oven! I am working on some cute menus for tonight, I can’t wait to show them to you all! I am a little giddy can you tell? It must be Dean Martin’s “Baby it’s Cold Outside” playing in the background;)

OOOH and look who got my package, I was worried it wouldn’t get there on time!!! GOOD LUCK MEGHANN!!!!


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