Date Night at MU, We Love Thai Food!


Tonight we went to our favorite Thai house, MU. It used to be called the Rama Garden, but it is still just as yummy. I was so hungry from all the work I had been doing around the house. Check out the O’ SO very clean master bathroom:)


We ordered a cup of Tom Kha Kai Soup to start with, tonight was our guilty pleasure for the week.


I love the BIG MUSHROOMS in this soup, not sure what their called?

We had the whole place all to ourselves, I love having date night on Wednesdays, we don’t ever have to bother with a wait.


For dinner I had the usual, Yellow Chicken Curry with Rice. I always want to try new things, but I know I love this!



and Hubby’s veggies!


Because the food was spicy I went with a glass of Riesling, I just had to
I AM ON SPRING BREAK! It helped cool down the spice from the curry.


I caught Hubby checking his email🙂 Or maybe he was twittering.


Tomorrow is day #2 of April and Spring Break.

  • 5:45 am run with “fast Jill”
  • 8:00am coffee with a friend
  • 10am Taking Car to the Shop( then walking around town killing time)
  • 1pm Dog Park + Read
  • 4pm Jillian’s 30 Day Shred
  • 5:30 Dinner
  • 7pm Thursday Night Group
    Hope you had a happy humpday, and not fooled too much;)


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