Oh how I heart date night 🙂 Hubby and I set out for downtown Claremont last night to get some good Italian grub. Claremont is about 45 minutes from our house so I made sure to bring my new Cooking Light Magazine so we could chat about new recipes to make for dinner next week.

photo (92)  

When we got there I ordered a glass of Cab. Don’t you love how Hubs and I are sporting our new digs? 🙂 Edited to add: Awkward left hand alert!

photo (91) photo (93)

As soon as we sat down they gave us warm bread.


Plus a very delicious marinara sauce for dipping.


Hubby ordered the Italian Ham and Cheese.


I ordered the veggie pizza.


On top was roasted eggplant, mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, zucchini, and goat cheese. I was so into our conversation that after my first slice, I realized there was mozzarella cheese on the pizza. I was actually pretty full after a slice and the bread. So instead of asking for them to make a whole other pizza for me to eat, Hubby asked if they could make another pizza and box it up for us to take home. They were more then gracious to do so. So now I have a whole pizza for the weekend!!

IMG_8659 IMG_8661

Since I didn’t eat much dinner I was so excited I had room for FRO-YO!!! Their is this really neat frozen yogurt place in Claremont that we love. It is called 21 Choices. There are way more then 21 toppings they just started with 21 different flavors of yogurt, but now have a ton more.





I sampled all of the flavors and decided to go with the Reese’s Explosion!!!



They even have Din Dongs as an add in.


They add in your toppings on a Cold Stone.


Strawberries were a free add in. Of course I added them!


I also added in 1/2 of a Take Five Bar.


21 Choices, how we love thee!


P.S. We didn’t go bowling, because they had league play 🙁


This morning I slept in and still managed to clean out my email inbox, clean the kitchen, and take Bosco for a walk. Why can’t I be this productive every Saturday morning??


I had toast, PB, and banana to fuel me up for KB this morning.


Plus FP


Alright gotta run to KB!

Have a beautiful Saturday 🙂