Day 4: Fasting From the Internet and MORE!

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Sorry for being for being MIA yesterday, but as you can see I was fasting from the internet. This by far was the hardest day for me so far. I know it sad that I am so attached to the internet, but it’s my source of communication for a lot of things. It was great to take 24 hours to just sit back and realize that the internet is a wonderful luxury, and that all that are in our world wide family do have not this convenience. 

So far I have given up Independence, Rushing, Sleep, the Internet, and now today I am to give up spending Money.

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Most Westerners don’t usually have to make excruciating financial decisions, like whether to spend our last dollars on food for our children or on medicine for our dying spouse. We unconsciously act as if money could take care of all of our needs, while many poor people have learned the secret to desperately waiting on God for even their most basic necessities. It’s hard for us to understand that feeling of vulnerability and powerlessness, so choose today not to spend any money and instead taste the kind of freedom that comes from relying ONLY on God. What if we let God have a say in every single purchase we made?

WOW, what an humbling challenge, obviously 24 hours without spending a single one of my dollars won’t be as challenging(especially since I am going on a retreat), but what a thought proving idea “spend our last dollars on food for our children or on medicine for our dying spouse.”

Could you fast from Money for today??


Yesterday was our End of the Summer Celebration at work and they sure went all out for us! In the morning we had pastries and coffee and then more fun flowed into the afternoon. Every department had a different decade to dress up as, our department was asked to dress up like the “future”. We decided to be funny and dress up as what we thought we would all look like in the “future”.

Celinda and Tiffany were two adorable old women.

Picture 008 

My Boss Sandra was a “future” Bride, and I let her barrow my wedding dress. I am trying to hook her up, anyone out there know a great guy ;).

Picture 012 

Of course I just had to be a pregnant lady, WAY IN THE FUTURE!!

Picture 006 Picture 005

Don’t you love the belly button :).

Picture 007 Picture 021

All of us together

Picture 015

Picture 025

Oh we are just too funny! The best part was there was actually two brides in the same dress!!

Picture 022

Later they had ice cream for us all, love you HR! I love my job!

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I had a little bit of everything :). 

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Then it was off to the challenge course for some tight rope walking. 

Picture 038

Picture 058

I felt like I was in the circus, this climbing contraption is amazing! 

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Picture 057

Picture 067

After the Challenge Course, we decided to take on the Zip Line! 

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Working at a camp sure has it’s benefits!!!



This morning was out last boot camp, can you believe it’s been 18 weeks?!!! All the ladies really worked hard, I was sad to see it end. They were also amazing and got me a sweet bag full of wonderful gifts :).

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Gift card to my favorite Thai Restaurant, Movie Tickets, Starbucks Gift Card (which I used a little this morning), a beautiful shawl, and a certificate of appreciation :).

Picture 086

How amazing are they!!! I hope to do another in the future. They all look awesome!


I know that I owe you all a winner of the Soda Stream Machine, but it will have to wait until this afternoon, I have to hurry and pack for my retreat this weekend!!!!

I am not sure how much I will be able to blog this weekend, but I know that I will have a ton to share :).



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