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I know there are quite a few other bloggers who have done “Day in the Life” posts and recently I had someone on twitter ask if I would do one as well. I loved the challenge and thought it would be fun for a lot of you knew readers to see how many “shoes” I do wear. I am blessed to have so many amazing touch points everyday to help people transform spiritual, mentally and physically.

So here you go…

I naturally wake up around 6am, yes I am one of those annoying morning people (awesome morning tips and tricks). It’s all about going to bed at a consistent time!! Of course Mr. B has already snuck up in bed and is ready to take my spot once I get up.

I lay in bed checking email, IG, and responding to comments on the blog. I wish I could say I get up and do this from the computer, but with a SMART phone I can be lazy.

Then I finally roll out of bed and throw on my workout clothes for my first Personal Training session of the day. (Hubby has already been up for about 2 hours and is already working, he is an EARLY EARLY riser).


Then my day at WORK has begun.


My first PT session is at 6:30am and is in our garage which is wonderful, because it’s only a few feet from my bed! I can’t wait to show you all the re-modeling we have done this weekend!


I kick people’s butts into shape.


I finish around 7:15am quickly jump in the shower and sip on my cup of Starbucks from my Keurig, it takes like 5 seconds to brew! Most mornings I read Jesus Calling, but recently have started an online study with some awesome ladies called Soul Detox and it couldn’t have come at a better time. If you want to join in read here.


By then I hope my hair is half way dry and I finish blow drying it, do a quick curl, and get dressed for work. I work at a camp so I can really wear just about anything, but choose to look a bit decent 😉


I quickly grab my breakfast (Shakeology), coffee, water, and my lunch (I prepped the night before) and drive to work. My commute is only 16 minutes, but 3,000 ft. elevation gain. I work at a Christian Conference and Retreat Center as a Guest Conference Host. In short, I am the lead in our office and also help plan retreats (basically like a wedding coordinator). I never take my drive for granted!


I arrive at work between 8am and 8:30am and take Hubby his Shakeology. I have already finished mine in the car.


I sit at my desk and tackle emails and voicemails. I typically triple fist it, it’s how I roll!


When everyone get’s in the office, we all play a quick game of 3-on-3 office chair basket ball, we don’t take ourselves seriously 😉


10:30am strikes and it’s time for my SNACK!I have a little Chobani time break at my desk with my Love Grown Foods Granola! I honestly could eat this everyday and never get sick of it!


While working I get random emails from Living Social giving me the deal of the day and I get a good laugh out of my co-workers.


12:30pm comes and I am ready to get out of the office and meet Hubby for lunch. I know that I am super blessed to be able to eat lunch with my husband everyday at work and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. Sometimes I stay inside the office and catch up on personal emails and phone calls as well, it all depends on the day.


I usually have some type of salad for lunch everyday. I really love salmon, chicken or even sardine salads! I try and incorporate lots of protein in my lunch because it keeps me satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.


After lunch, I am usually in meetings (I am mostly in meetings all morning) so I carry my water bottle around like it’s an accessory.


2pm the bell rings and it’s time for STAFF RECESS!!! I am telling ya, I have the best job in the world (we don’t always have recess, but it is common).


Around 3:30pm it’s time for my afternoon snack and enjoy a Fitmixer protein shake and an apple. I am usually in a meetings mixing it up and people think I am a nut! I leave around 4:30pm to head down the hill for another PT session, blaring my new John Mayer CD of course.


5pm rolls around and I meet up with my afternoon PT clients and kick their butts until about 6:30pm.


I have about an hour before I teach Kickboxing so I usually write-up my Summer Shred email, check my Fitmixer Bootcamp workout for the day, update my Summer Beachbody Facebook Challenge and make sure hubby has dinner, but I only teach AKB on Wednesdays.

If it is Wednesday… About 7pm I drink some Fitmixer Amino Acids to give me a bit of a boost and enjoy a banana. I drive to kickboxing (it’s about 15 minutes from my house) and catch up on the phone (Bluetooth of course) with my parents, a family member or a friend. Every minute counts!


The rest of the week typically (if there is a typical) looks like this…

If I am not teaching KB, then I do my WORKOUT after PT around 6:30pm. This can be anything from a run, kickboxing, and or my Fitmixer Bootcamp workout for the day.

After my workout I refuel:


Around 7:30pm I fix hubby and I dinner unless it’s date night then we go out 🙂  While dinner cooks, I prep for lunch the next day. Date night for us is normally Thursdays or Saturdays or sometimes BOTH! We just love hanging out together and we know there will come a day where it won’t be as easy.


After dinner, I check a few more emails (hubby does the dishes), send out my Summer Shred workout, catch up on IG and Facebook. I am really trying to end all my time on the computer and phone an hour before I go to bed, but I am failing miserably. I think 30 minutes is more reasonable. You should see how well I multi-task. There are times where I am brushing my teeth, putting on mascara while curling my hair!!! I am a nut!!

Around 9pm, if I am craving something sweet, I enjoy some plain Chobani, a little fruit and Xagave for my last meal of the day. I try and always eat six meals a day no matter what!!!


Around 9:30pm it’s family time! Most nights of the week are spent lounging on the couch for about an hour catching up with the roomies (we have a couple of roommates right now that are in transition looking for a place), hubby and playing with Mr. B. We usually catch up on our DVR for a good laugh as well. Some of our favorites are Modern Family, Baseball and Last Man Standing.


I cap off the night with a cup of decaf tea and head to bed around 10:45pm. I try and get to sleep by 11pm so I can get in seven solid hours of sleep (obviously that is not happening tonight as this post is taking me forever).


Note that although this is a typical day, my schedule varies a lot. Sometimes we have random birthday parties, spontaneous adventurous out to baseball games or even the occasional taco/baseball nights with friends! Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of this crazy McCormick.

I am busy, but I do take rest days!

The End.




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