Day One in Boston + Running Boston in the Morning!

We made it to Boston safely, long story to come later! I am just glad that I am here and was able to have a fantastic pre-race day. My day started with a nice run a long the bay with Miss. Lacey Nicole herself!! She was so sweet to drive out to south Boston and run an easy 3 mile run with me this morning. Our run was so nice, it was a bit windy on the coast but the shore was beautiful and my legs felt GREAT!

After our run we walked to a local cafe called, Cranberry Cafe. and enjoyed a lovely breakfast. I had an egg white, tomato, and cheese sandwich with a cup of BANANA HAZELNUT Coffee:)



Lacey was as sweet as she comes off on her blog. I love meeting fellow bloggers, we always have sooo much to chat about and have so much in commen. We are going to meet up again before I leave, I can’t wait!

ipodpics 1222

After breakfast we went downtown to hit up the Boston Expo. It was a MAD house! I was soooo overwhelmed, I had a bunch of samples(too many) but loved all the wonderful running gear! I loaded up on all the free Larabars, Clifbars, and gels! Christina and I had a lot of sampling everything.

ipodpics 1237

I already crossed the finish line!

ipodpics 1232

After the expo we went to the best Pizza joint ever for a bit of a snack while on our walk downtown! The Upper Crest was soo good, I ate about 1/2 of this huge slice of pizza.



Around town….

Cheers Bar

ipodpics 1224

I want all of these flowers!


Waiting for the public transportation, loved that we could WALK everywhere!


After our long walk around town seeing all the beautiful historic images of Boston we went to the oldest Irish Pub in Boston, “The Black Rose”. They had live Irish music and the place was packed. Such a wonderful place to have a pre-race meal.

ipodpics 1225

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I ordered the “Seafood Basket”, salmon, shrimp,scallops, and some other kind of fish, with a baked potato and broccoli. It was ok I only finished half it was a little too buttery.

ipodpics 1236

I am currently getting everything ready for tomorrows race, I have to leave to get on the bus at 6am which means I need to get up at 5am and eat a nice big breakfast. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I am really nervous but super excited. After the race we are going to a nice Italian restaurant to celebrate the race and my birthday, and then we are headed to the AFTER PARTY!!! I am loving Boston I can’t wait for the rest of the week!

Check out the race outfit for tomorrow(I will be layering up of course). My mom had this shirt made me at the Nike store today:)


The next time you hear from me I will be celebrating and have a wonderful race report to share (I hope)!!!! If you want to track me on the Boston website my bib number is 9864!


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