Detox Reflections

My 30 Day Detox ended this past weekend and I thought I would share how I believe it went.

Ok so here was the deal with the 30 day Detox.

#1. I wanted to give up my addiction to coffee(only have it once in a while).
#2. I hoped this helps my tummy get back on track, and not hurt all the time.
#3. To get more energy!
#4. To clean out the junk in my diet. I know I eat pretty clean, but these past couple months I have been giving into CRAP!

The Detox was not much different then my normal diet, here are the main things I could not have for 30 days.

Caffeine (except green tea)
Meat (except fish)
Salt (we can have sea salt)
No Added Sugar
NO preservatives
No Oils (only Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
No Dairy Products

So how did it go???

I think that the 30 Detox was challenging, but not as hard as I thought it would be. Obviously it was super hard to eat out and to go over other peoples houses and eat dinner. With the right amount of planning it was quite attainable.

I learned that their is sooooo many foods with PERSERVATIVES and LOADS of SODIUM. I never add salt to my food, but I realized that some of the things that I eat are loaded with it. My body did crave salt at first, but then it got used to not having too much. I still used Sea Salt, and ate things that had Sea Salt in it, but very little. I am now switching over to Sea Salt.

Being Gluten Free was an experience in itself. I didn’t mind eating rice, and corn but I missed the variety for sure. I love how there are so many Gluten Free products out now to help people who are allergic to it. I think being Gluten Free helped me eat ALOT more CLEAN.

I also became a lot more creative in the kitchen, and made a lot of meals from scratch.

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Getting off COFFEE feels amazing!!! For the first time in a long time, I can get up in the morning and not need something to wake me up. I can rely on natural energy instead of synthetic!! Don’t get me wrong I love the taste of Coffee and will probably have a cup every now and then but I will not have it every morning.

I had a lot less stomach problems this month, but they weren’t completely gone. I am still working with my Doctor to see what might be causing my random stomach pains. Overall my stomach felt a lot better.

In summary I think that the Detox taught me a lot about my body and how it reacts to certain foods. I don’t think that anyone really needs to go on a complete detox to help you get on the right track, your body naturally detoxes itself!! I think more then ever, it is all about BALANCE. Choosing the right amount of foods and the right kind of foods that give you the optimal amount of nutrients and sustainability. It’s all about moderation!

Getting off the Detox…..

When I had sugar for the first time this weekend, I woke up with a really bad headache and felt like I had a hangover!!! I still haven’t had meat and don’t really plan on having a lot of it. But one thing I couldn’t wait to have was WHOLE WHEAT BREAD!!! I missed YOU Arnold’s Thins. I also must go get some FRO-YO TONIGHT!!!

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I plan on continuing to eat as CLEAN and BALANCED as I can, because that’s what all it’s about!!!


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