Dinner for Schmucks

I was debating on whether or not to post tonight, but I just had to let you all know how funny Dinner for Schmucks was. It started off slow and then before I knew it I was laughing so hard I lost my voice!! I wasn’t planning on seeing a movie tonight, but it was just one of those days that I just need a good laugh and boy did I get it 🙂

I went to the movies with friends and family (Hub’s was out with some co-workers). We all loved it. Definitely not an Oscar worthy movie, but was the perfect medicine after a long week.

Before we headed out to the movie, my brothers’ GF so kindly invited me over for dinner. Her Dad made an amazing chicken chili! MMMMM! Nothing like a home cooked meal.


After the movie we all headed over some Fro-Yo. I got the kiwi tart with lots of fruit.


The weather was gorgeous!! We all sat outside and chatted while we enjoyed our summer treat. Such a laid back evening and that is what SUMMER is all about!

It’s almost midnight and this girl is about to turn into a pumpkin 😉

Going to sleep in tomorrow and leaving the ALARM OFF, YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Nite Nite

P.S. I was working on my give-away post today and for some reason my computer crashed on me. Not to fear I will have it up tomorrow morning.