Dinner Party+Sunday Funday

Last night Hubby and I headed over to the Beavers for dinner( yes that is their last name). Danielle and I have been best friends sence the 7th grade, she’s my “fun” friend. The friend that makes me laugh, but also challenges me in all that I do. I am working on being a better best friend with her! My other BFF Ging, was sick that night so she couldn’t hang out:( We will all have to get together again soon.


The evening started of perfect with the boys grillin and the girls having a cocktail hour:) D made us a Vodka Gingerale cocktail. Twas a great drink!


She so silly!


More silliness!


We had hamburgers, a wild rice salad, and potatoe wedges. I haven’t had red meat since last summer, over 8 months ago! I forgot how different it tastes. MMMMM….


I brought a salad that I made for the first time. It was WW Orzo+Wild rice, and mint. I added chopped pecans, evoo, and dried cherries. A great summer salad.

5 The potaot wedges were yummy as always!


After running 13 miles that morning this meal truly filled me up!

After an hour of socializing, we played a game called Sequence. Hubby and I have never played, and we loved it! We played boys vs. girls, the boys creamed us. Next time we won’t play so easy on them;)


The Beaver’s got a new pup, we tried to get pics but this is the best we could do!


I look mortified because he stuck his tongue in my mouth!



We got in late but that didn’t stop me from rising at 7am and hitting my Yoga mat for my first day of the 31 Days of Yoga Challenge! It didn’t take much to get motivated because was a little sore from yesterdays run. I did yogadownloads, 20 minute Yoga for Runners. y body felt very tight, and not very flexible. I am hoping that by doing yoga everyday, I will gain some major strength but mostly flexibility!

After my yoga practice, I decided to make some yummy pancakes.

I used Bob’s Pancake Whole Grain pancake mix. I followed the directions except put half milk, and half water. I also added in PB2,a banana,pumpkin spice, and a 1/4 c of granola.


I busted out the griddle!


Enjoying my cup of Joe while cooking. 


Heaven! I added some Greek yogurt and homemade cranberry sauce to the top with a drizzle of honey.


The Boys(Hubby and Bro) loved them! My bro said I always make the greatest things, he’s too sweet.

Today’s plans:

  • Church
  • Light lunch
  • Ultimate Frisbee with Hubby’s friends
  • Mop+Sweep
  • Prep for week
  • Write some notes to friends
  • Maybe dinner with the rents
  • Read+Relax

I leave you with a pic of the lazy dog…..but cute one none the less.


Have a lazy dog Sunday!


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