Dinner With Skinny Bride

I love LOVE love my life:) Sometimes I could seriously just jump up and down and sing about how thankful I am for the friends I have. Even though I only had about 3.5 hours of sleep last night I managed to push through the day and have a good one at that!

When I got off work I hit up the gym for a little AKB and then went back to school to do some Pilates with my Bootcamp ladies! I was so proud almost 10 girls showed up and we really worked our cores. I kind of forgot about Pilates, I really haven’t done any Pilates since I did Windsar Pilates in COLLEGE! I can remember it so well, on the floor in my little apartment, even making the college basketball boys do them with me:)

Skinny Bride came to Pilates with me and afterwards we went on a 2 mile walk back to her house for some dinner and Wedding TALK! Skinny Bride was so sweet and made me a nutritious and delicious meal!

food 014

First we chatted while she cooked, I enjoyed my share of these sweet cherries, the first time I have had them this year!food 019

We toasted to Skinny Bride’s almost 10 pound loss!!!! She is doing great, she is seriously so determined and positive! 

food 018

She made us Organic Brown Rice from TJ’s that I have never seen before, I must get some ASAP!

food 020

This dish hit the spot, brown rice, broccoli(which I never get to eat) and chicken!

food 016

food 023

We ate and chatted about decorations, flowers, and all sorts of wedding details. I am so excited to be in this girls life, and wedding! We share SO MUCH in common and I have been blessed to have her as a friend for the past 10 YEARS!!!

All this talking about weddings got me thinking about my big day, here is a photo for your enjoyment:)


When I got home I was warmly greeted by my two favorite men!!!

food 022

Look Bosco got a haircut! Lucky dog, I need one soooo bad! He looks so handsome:)

food 017 

I am hitting the hay peeps, I have a 5:15am wake up call to run 3 miles with fast Jill.

Nite Nite

P.S. I wanted to answer a question that a recent commenter left about the R.D. switch. I switched to getting my Personal Training License and Nutrition Certificate for two reasons,

#1 Both Licenses would work perfect for what I want to do
#2. Financially it was the better route for now:) Ultimately I would love to get my R.D. masters, all in God’s timing.


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