So many times in our lives I think we forget to Dream Big! We get so caught up in our little comfort zones, that we don’t realize how much is truly out there.

I am a dreamer for sure, but until recently I have been putting my dreams in a little box and freezing them. Well it’s about time I thawed them out! Yesterday I met with the dean of Allied Health at Loma Linda University, he was great. So helpful. The first thing I said to him as we sat down to chat was, “I am a check off list kinda gal and I need direction,” and he sure did give it to me. The journey to becoming a Registered Dietitian is going to be a short one, only a two year program, but I have a year before I can start. I have to take some prerequisite classes first before I get in to the Masters program. It’s only two classes, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology. I am not to nervous about the school part more nervous about the finance part.

I know that school is only good debt, I mean it will seriously help me advance in my career and it will fulfill an amazing dream for me. There are so many different reasons I want to get into a nutrition career. I love helping people, I love kids, and I love learning about the human body and how it functions better with the things you do or don’t put in it. I need to just run with it and keep running. I think the nerves will die down once I get started.

Another big dream is in the making as well. The St.George Marathon, is just 18 days away! I have ran a marathon but have never trained like this before. It’s been a challenging and wonderful ride. I hope to feel as good as I feel right now on the race day, no pain, no worries, and no sickness. I really want to qualify for Boston, but if anything I would love to get that 3:30 time. I know that it will be difficult but it’s not impossible, and if I can think it, the mind can do some pretty amazing things.

What are some of your big dreams? Have you put them away and forgotten about them? What would it take for you to live them?

Side Note:

Made this awesome bowl of oatmeal yesterday!

1/2cup rolled oats
1/4 cup Trader Joe’s antioxidant dried berry/nut mix
1/2scoop vanilla protein
3/4 cup water
dash of cinnamon
1tsp organic peanut butter

And I tried this new Snapple Iced Tea

(needed a pick me up yesterday!)


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