"Dream Dinners"

Last week in my little goodie back from the Triathlon I got a free chicken dinner with Dream Dinners. I have heard of something similar but I was a little sceptical on the idea. You see I love to cook and I have fun doing it, why would I want someone else to prepare my meals? But it was free so I thought what the heck and made an appointment to try it out. I went this Saturday and met with the owner Rebbecca a very sweet lady. I then got a tour around the store, there were a lot of women already in there and they were prepping their own dinners. There are several stations set up in an assembly line in the middle of the room. The women were reading a recipe and putting all of the ingredients in there own little zip lock bags. It was the most organized system I have ever seen. She explained to me how it all works, “Dream Dinners provides everything you need to assemble Delicious dinners for your family,store in your freezer and serve in the weeks ahead. We supply all of the essentials from easy to follow instructions to fresh, pre-cut ingredients,”. So as she explained this I got to start making my free chicken dinner, I washed my hands and put on my cute little apron that they supply and was ready to get my hands dirty.

There was a very kind women that walked me through the whole process, I started with the Herb Dijon Chicken with Pilaf Rice. All I had to do was look at the instructions read what ingredient to put in my little zip lock baggie and so on and so on. It was nice to see what I was putting in my bags because if I didn’t like something very much I would put less or if I liked it a lot I would put a little more, I got to play in the kitchen without preparing the ingredients or cleaning up the mess! Once all my baggies were set I put them in a big gallon zip lock stuck a nice direction label on the front and put it on the shelf in the fridge with my name on it. Then I decided to make one more sense I was there and I was having fun! I did the same thing except I made Chicken with Sesame Honey Butter…yum! This time I went around to the station and did it all by myself. It was so easy and such an enjoyable time for me.

I love that not only am I able to prepare 12 meals for Matt and I for the month in less then two hours, but I also get to prepare HEALTHY meals. I love the fact that I know exactly whats in our meals, and they supply you with a nutritional informational guide. The process is so simple, I choose 12 meals that I want to come in and prepare for the month, choose a day to come in that month, make the meals in less then two hours, and then take them home and enjoy. Even better they have larger portion meals that I can prepare and store in the freezer for that last minuet dinner party that seems to happen at least once a month. The last and probably one of my favorite aspect of all of this program is it is so cost efficient, Matt and I sat down and figured out that this fits perfect in our budget. The lady who came up with the idea had community in mind and I think that with the way the economy is today we need to have community sharing in mind in all things, brilliance!