Emergency Time to Evacuate

Hi friends, what I thought was going to be a typical Monday night but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

On my way home from work this is what I saw…



And it only got worse when I got closer to home, this is the fire in our backyard.



My Aunt was evacuated from her house, not more then 3 miles away from where we live. We were getting nervous that we would have to evacuate soon, I had someone cover my kick boxing class( I couldn’t teach) and Hubby and I began packing some suitcases.

I was in denial…Hubby asked me to grab things that I truly needed, and then it hit me. What couldn’t I live with out?

Clothes, shoes, movies, books, CD’s could all be replaced…but what did I really need. Pictures were a must as well as important documents, but what else?

When we finally got word that we were probably going to be ok it was late and now that we wouldn’t be evacuated we were stuck with two suitcases to unload, I am just glad we are ok for now.

The fires are a lot tamer, but it is still a little nerve wrecking. IMG_5227


Tonight’s eat were a bit odd I had chocolate protein smoothie(when i thought I was going to kick boxing) and one of Hubby’s Lean Pocket at 10pm. 



I need sleep, I am emotional exhausted and I am praying for the people that are in fear of losing their homes…

If you had to quickly evacuate from your home what would you take???


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