Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting

Today was simply fabulous! I love having my family over, it’s always refreshing to have people around you who understand you and who you can be silly with!

food 061

Today my Daddy, Step Mom, and two of the Bros came over to grill out. My Dad grilled up some chicken, he is the true grill master!

food 010

He was so proud of his work!

food 015

We also grilled some fresh yellow squash from our garden 🙂 I mixed in some EVOO, salt and pepper and threw it on the grill.

food 008

The Bro’s did what they do best, played on MySpace!

food 007

I made a yummy summer salad with romaine lettuce,baby spinach,strawberries,blueberries, and almonds. 

food 004

We needed some kind of starch(mainly for the bros) so I whipped up some TJ”s Mac and Cheese! 

food 019

food 018

Everything was so tasty and I even went back for some more Mac N Cheese!

food 023

The Fam

food 025

My Bro Robert Aaron is so funny he kept spilling BBQ sauce and such all over his white shirt..it was a disaster! He is such a good sport to take a pic for me! 

food 026

My Daddy brought some old pictures that he found of me, this is when I was 6 at my first soccer practice!

food 029

My 18th Birthday Party,man my cheeks were so chubby!

food 030

Senior picture!

food 031

We laughed over old pictures, even some baby ones of the bro’s and then decided we needed dessert! I had some sweets from Newman’s Own Organics that I have meaning to dive into, what perfect timing!!!

food 064

My bro showed me how to eat an Organic the right way!

food 065

Hubby being his sexy hot self!

food 034

I tried a Hermits, an old-fashioned soft cookie it was ok. I liked the texture but I wasn’t a big fan of the cinnamon flavor. 

food 037

I had a bite and let my Dad try the rest. 

food 035

I then tried a Mint Crème Newman’s-O!!! WOW these are amazing and with No Partially Hydrogenated Oils and No Trans-Fatty Acids!

food 038


food 039

I also tried a Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie, these are lethal I must hide them or else I will eat them all!  They have the perfect hint of chocolate and espresso, and I am not even a huge fan of store bought cookies!

food 040

My Bro Jeremiah gave me a nice neck massage, and tried to disconnect my head from my body. Aren’t brothers the sweetest ;) 

food 043

Dad and Daughter Photo Op

food 049

After all the food and dessert Hubby taught us this fun Ninja game! The object of the game is not to get tagged, it’s hard to explain but as you can see it was a lot of fun! 

food 055

food 056

Were such a competitive family that we all played until we all won! 

food 058

What a nice day! I love my Dad and I know that he enjoyed being with us as much as we loved being with him!

I am currently getting ready for the week, tomorrow is my first day at my new job and I have a fun surprise for you all so stay tuned!!!

Night Friends!

P.S. Is this not the cutest picture in the world??? I know I am bias 🙂

food 045


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