Fall Couples Conference 2009 Recap

Picture 152

Hi friends, I am BACK! Such a wonderful weekend, I don’t even know where to start!!! Friday night, I geared up for my Fall Couple’s check in at work, my lovely registration uniform.

Picture 151

I had some late people that checked in so I missed dinner, but I did enjoy a delicious dessert. This was the cutest little thing, the bowl was actually half of the orange’s peel. 

Picture 153 

I couldn’t work at a more beautiful place!

Picture 081 Picture 077

After our couples meeting in the evening, we all decided to head over to the club house where they serve nothing, but JUNK FOOD!!! We have the best shakes in town.

Picture 082

As well as chili cheese fries, and mozzarella sticks.

Picture 085

We enjoyed our “late night college food” right next to the warm fire.

Picture 083 

I actually just had a few bites of everything so I didn’t feel too bad. The next morning I woke up early all by myself and read a little. When Hubby finally woke up we headed over to breakfast. I had a little bit of everything: Honey Wheat Pancakes, an Egg, Potatoes, and Pineapple with Granola.

Picture 156

Like breakfast wasn’t big enough after our morning meeting we had another delicious meal…on to lunch!

Picture 086

I ate my salad (ditched the sandwich) and a bowl of veggie chili and the most delicious piece of cornbread.  

Picture 088

After we stuffed our faces we headed over to play on the Challenge Course

Picture 091

While we waited for it to open we took some fun photos! 

Picture 094

Picture 099

Picture 100

Picture 103

My favorite, this one is a FRAMER! 

Picture 104

Picture 105

Skinny Bride and Me! 

Picture 106

The Group! 

Picture 111

Go Skinny Bride GO! 

Picture 112

I was a little afraid at times, but I loved the thrill!

Picture 114 Picture 115

We also played a dice game called 10,000 and I won!!!! 

Picture 121

Everyone was trying to sabotage me winning, but they FAILED!

Picture 124

Jon even busted out the BIG GUNS!
 Picture 125

We went to the craft cabin to play some more! 

Picture 126

We were all so into our projects.

Picture 129

Picture 128

Picture 142

Liz and Matt joined us later.

Picture 146 
I made a picture frame as a memento.

Picture 144

Hubby is making me a plate :) 

Picture 143

After all of our playing we went to dinner. I started off with a wonderful Spinach Salad with the most amazing Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

Picture 132

For dinner I had a special plate made for me, I asked them to load up on veggies,pasta, and tofu. I knew I would need it for my Half Marathon. 

Picture 138

I also enjoyed some Vanilla Yogurt and Warm Raspberries. This was the first Yogurt I have had in 30 days!!!!

Picture 140

Picture 139

After dessert we hung out a little and then I had to call it a night. This runner needed her beauty sleep. I laid out all my gear and got into bed around 11:30pm, a lot later then I had hoped for.

Picture 148

The next morning my alarm went off at 5:30AM!! I was super tired but ready to rock it….

Half Marathon and the rest of the Fall Couples Retreat Recap in the morning…gotta get a couple things done before the week begins!

Night Friends!


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