It’s officially fall! I so need to get out my decorations from last year :).

This morning I made some “Sunday” PB and Honey Oat Kashi Whole Wheat Waffles.

Picture 303

I also added some chopped pecans, in honor of today.

Picture 301

I had an egg on the side as well for a little extra protein to push me through the morning. 

Picture 302

So glad you all liked our video last night. I wanted to let you all know that it is wireless, no power needed as well as way more inexpensive then soda in the store. If you don’t drink soda like me, then this would be great for a party!

Time to get ready for work, I have a speed workout with the kiddos tonight and I am having coffee with two beautifully ladies!

Question: Do you eat something special for breakfast on the weekends?

P.S. The wedding that I went to this weekend, was NOT Skinny Brides Wedding. She get’s married October 10.


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