It’s Sunday rest day!!!! Who’s resting today???

This weekend I just have to share with you my cheat meal for the week. Matt took me out for date night to one of the local fancy smancy resteraunts in town called Caprice Cafe. I can’t belive we have never been there before, but when I saw the menu and a burger was $20 I quickley relized why. Don’t get me wrong I am not super cheap when it comes to going out to dinner, but $20 for a burger really? But the minute my fork hit my plate and enjoyed my first bite of salmon asparagus pasta ora as they call it Tagaliatte, every penny was worth it!

Wild Salmon, Mushrooms, Asparagus, and Pesto!


After our wonderful dinner, we met up with some friends at a little Wine bar in town and had dessert.


We tried Layered Cake for the first time and it was wonderful.


A sweeter red and went perfect with dark chocolate truffles, handmade at the shop.


The owners were so nice. They asked if they could try a brand new drink on me, of course I said YES! It was called and Almond Joy. Chocolate, Rum, Almonds, Sweet Coconut Milk and Toasted Coconuts.


It took me away to the tropics! I have a great idea for a Alomond Joy Protein Shake!!!


A very fun date night! Matt and I have decided that we want to try all the fancy resteraunts in Redlands, one every quarter.

Question: Have you tried the fancier resteraunts in your town?


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