Fasting From Clean

For the past couple of days I have had to try really hard to fast from myself, but it hasn’t been easy. Actually out of all the days I have fasted , this was the hardest. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to give up my own wants and desires to serve another! I really want to keep this one as a discipline in my life, too often I forget that it’s not about ME!

Here is today’s challenge:

“It’s amazing how much my definition of clean changed”
Mike Yankoski after choosing to live on the streets for 6 months

One of the first things non-westerners seem to notice when traveling to a “wealthy nation” like ours is the high priority we place on cleanliness. Trash is collected in bins, restaurants undergo strict hygiene inspections, yards are pristine, pets are flea-free, and clothes are worn only once or twice before being washed. We have even been taught to associate “cleanliness” with “godliness” (i.e. good people live in clean neighborhoods, and bad people live in dirty neighborhoods; good people are bathed and well-dressed, and bad people are unwashed and wear dirty clothes).

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Today, choose to be “unclean.” Give up your shower, toothbrush, deodorant, etc., and identify with those who may rarely experience those luxuries.

Well I am on the right track so far, no shower this morning, no brushing my teeth, and no deodorant(this one was the hardest). I am just pretending I am on a camping trip :).

Last night our Thursday Night Group went out to dinner at a local Chinese Bistro, and once again I ordered very wisely (eating out two nights in a row is something we rarely do). I ordered the grilled pineapple chicken with steamed veggies, and the sauce on the side.

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This was actually a lot better then last nights dinner, I would so order this again.

After our fun night out with the group, I met up with my girlfriends and watched some Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

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And of course we had to make a trip to the market for some Moose Tracks Slow Churned Ice-Cream, to complete the evening!

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What a fun night!

Tonight I am going to Skinny Brides dress rehearsal for her big DAY tomorrow! I can’t believe she is getting married tomorrow so crazy!!!! I can’t wait to show you all pictures she is going to look stunning!

So, do you think you could fast from “clean” for a day?


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