Favorite iPhone Fitness Apps

I love all things APPS and I have to say there are some pretty amazing APPS out there for your iPhone. You now can have a workout buddy, trainer and accountability partner (literally at your fingertips!) at all times in the form of an app! From games to entertainment, our phones can support healthy lifestyles. So grab your mobile device and try out some of my favorite fitness apps!


1. The LiveStrong App: Price: $2.99:

This is a great app to help someone who is trying to get motivated and needs help tracking calories. The Calorie Tracker can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise. Lose weight easily by setting your weight management goals and track your calories and progress with our comprehensive online food journal containing over 625,000 food and fitness items. While it would be nice if food and meal macronutrient amounts were given, the large database and ease of use make this app standout in the calorie-tracking category.

2. Nike + GPS: Price: $2.99

The app is pretty simple. It uses the GPS in your iPhone to track your route. It starts and stops when you tell it to, taking in the time, and can then calculate, from the stats in your Nike+ account, how many calories you’ve used along the way. I love that you can sync it to your iTunes as well as get cheers from your friends on Facebook while you RUN! It also keeps track of how many miles you have run.

3. Nike Training App: Price: Free!

This is one of my favorite apps to use when I need a good workout and don’t want to have to think of it myself.

The app has 30-minute workouts, for all skill levels, and has broken them down into high intensity intervals for you with not only really clear photos and instructions how to do various moves, but also video of those moves being done. This was exciting for me as I want to get a quick reference sometimes when I’m in the gym about form or posture on a particular lift.

Pick a routine, set it to music that you choose, and then the audio prompts will tell you when to switch from one to another.

4. Tabata Timer: Price: Free!

It’s perfect when I do my tabata workouts. Tracks the 8 circuits with 20 active and 10 second rest. Love it!

5. AB Workouts: Price Free!

I don’t use this app a whole lot any more, but if you’re looking for some simple ab workouts to do at home this one has some great one’s along with explanations.

6. Boxer Timer: Price: 1.99

I use this app on a daily basis with all my clients. You can set the number of rounds, the prep length, round length and rest. You can also save timers which is a great feature so you don’t have to change it every time.

iPhone Screenshot 5

7. Card Workout: Price: Free

It gives you a deck of cards that give you lots of different workouts! It makes it so you can take your workout anywhere!

iPhone Screenshot 5

8. My Fitness Pal: Price: FREE!

Easy tool for weightloss. Really nice if you also have to barcode scanner downloaded to access some food info. Only downside is having to go back… sometimes you have to go back through a lot to get somewhere but with patience you will do fine and the weight will drop off! It’s got a nice tracking system that not only shows you calories, but also shows you fats, carbs and proteins.

So there you have it, some of my favorite fitness apps!!!

What are some of your favorite fitness apps? 

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