First 5k + Our Weekend Hiatus

Friday morning my bag was packed, not only for my weekend conference at Forest Home, but also for my first 5k of the season!

Picture 032

My first conference check in on Friday went great!!! I loved meeting all the wonderful people I registered and I couldn’t wait to spend the weekend with them.

Even though I was staying up at Forest Home for the weekend I still I woke up early on Saturday morning and fueled up for my Beautiful Run 5k down the hill.

I hadn’t  run a 5k since the 5k Malibu run about a year ago. My time was 19:30 last year and I finished 9th overall and first girl. I was just wanting to run that or a little better, no real expectation.

To fuel up I had a 1/2 WW English Muffin+PB+Nanner.

Picture 031 

I checked in got my number and my cool new shirt(not like I don’t have a billion of these). Oh I look so TIRED!!!

Picture 069

I took off strong, and kept thinking about everything I tell my x-country kids, keep a steady pace, use your arms, BREATHE, and keep loose

Picture 035

This shot was taken toward the end, I was sprinting hard….I kept looking at my Garmin and seeing 6:20, 6:10, never did it go over 7:10 but I tried to just run hard.

Picture 039

Hubby caught me here on my last sprint, UP HILL!!! The finish was about 1/2 mile all up hill!!!

Picture 070 

WOOOOHOOOOO!!! I didn’t beat last years PR, but I came close: 20:10. I also came in 8th overall and 1st GIRL! It’s a small race a little over 200 local peeps but I still felt pretty good :). I can’t wait until next month when I try and beat my sprint tri PR! I love my #1 supporter!!!

Picture 072 

Trader Joe’s was there to sponsor the race, so I grabbed a nanner, and some trail mix and then Hubby and I headed right back up the hill to enjoy our conference.

Picture 074Picture 073 

The whole weekend we enjoyed a lot of great speakers that spoke about being STILL, and resting….so we DID!!!

Picture 045

I enjoyed the beautiful weather and the view from our cabin. 

Picture 046

Picture 048

What a wonderful weekend full of great teaching and true relaxation!

When we got home I couldn’t wait to see this cute FACE

Picture 030

Today, I wasn’t quite ready to come back to reality so I grabbed my laptop and headed to the Library (Hubby stayed home and watched FOOTBALL of course)to work on planning out our week and working on some AD stuff. I love our local library, there is something about the silence that really helps me focus!!


When I got home I made Hubby and I Burgers, Turkey for him, and Salmon for me. I saw Zesty Cook’s Ultimate Cheese Burgers last week and I basically followed his recipe, but added one egg and used turkey meat for Hubby.

Picture 055

I had my Salmon Burger(from Costco) and topped it with button mushrooms and spinach. 

Picture 059

Along with a little fruit salad and….

Picture 060

some grilled squash from our garden. 

Picture 061

I ate my burger on a Sandwich Thin, I love these because you can taste the burger instead of all the bread. 

Picture 068

All together!

Picture 062

I also enjoyed a glass or two of my favorite summer wine.

Picture 063

Picture 064

Hubby loved his Ultimate Cheese Turkey Burgers on a Focaccia Bread.

Picture 067

and look who got a hair cut, I miss his fluff! 

Picture 065 

Alright it’s time for a FUDGESICLE and some more REST, I have had such a wonderful weekend and because I worked late and over the weekend I am not going in until 10am tomorrow!!!!

Nite Nite

P.S. Congrats to Caitlin, Meghann, and Angie on their runs this weekend!!!!


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