First day back in my shoes!

Went to bed at 11 last night so my body did not wake up until 6:45. Not too bad, need to get to bed earlier so I can rise earlier. Today was my first day back in the running shoes. The plan was to go out for 20 minutes easy, I am tapering backwards. I didn’t want to run by my house, because there are a lot of hills so I drove down to the park where there is a lot of running trails which is great! I started out running ok, but then I started to feel some major tightness in my hamstrings. After 5 minutes I stopped and stretched out a bit. Then took off for 15 more minutes. It went well tight, but the more I ran the better I felt. Did a lot of situps but no yoga yet.

The interesting part of my run was half way into it when the local middle school was doing there run for PE. They have to run a mile I think around the park. I caught up to them and more then a quarter of them were walking, I was never like this I have always loved to run. I started to think to myself about how lazy our kids are these days, and this was starting to make me sad. Sad the society has fallen into this trap of potato couch kids! There was this one boy at the very end who was about 300lbs and he was walking and then sprinting and I could tell this was very difficult for him, and my heart started to break. No I am not saying there is anything wrong with the kid himself, just because he is overweight does not make him any different as a human. But what MOM let’s this happen to their child, I don’t want to judge but seriously how does this happen? Which then led me to the realization that, this is more of a reason that I want to become an RD to help kids and families learn how to eat better and exercise more. Ok I am off my soap box now.

When I got back to the house I started to make some oats but then decided I wanted something different and because of the lack of time I went with cereal. I bought this new Fiber One Carmel Delight, and it reminds me of Honey Grams from when I was a kid:) I mixed in some granola plank(which I am loving) and vanilla hemp milk with a little vanilla protein powder and a spoonful of pb. The perfect 300 calorie meal:)

Today is going to be fun, have work, then my Women’s Study I love those girls!
Have a happy Hump Day!


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