First Week on the Job: RunWestin

WOW, what a week. It’s amazing what happens when you decide to just step out in faith and TRUST that if you work hard and are truly passionate and tenacious your wildest dreams can come true!

Last Friday was truly bittersweet for me. I really hate goodbyes! It was an “end of an Era” as Monica from friends would say. I loved every day I went to work at Forest Home and  I can only say the same thing about turning a new leaf and taking on all kinds of fun new jobs! I will miss my beautiful teammates, but we are all REAL FRIENDS so I know they are just a phone call away!


I typically had Monday’s off from work, but now that I am my own boss Monday’s will be work days for me. So what did my Monday look like? (like my new office?)


5am: Alarm goes off
5:30am: Head out to teach kickboxing
6-7am: Teach Kickboxing
7-9am: Coffee with a friend/business meeting
9:45am: New Client Assessment and training
11am: Finally make breakfast and enjoy my time in the WORD
12-2pm: Return emails, blog, work on client meal plans and workouts
2:30pm: GET NERVOUS and all plans go out the window!
3pm-4pm: hit the gym to kill the nerves
5:30pm-6:30pm: Train Clients
7pm: Shop and Dinner
8pm: Nails done
9pm: Pack
10:30pm: Bed

and then I was up at 3:45am to catch a flight to CT!!!!!!! Ok, so what the heck kind of call did I get??? Well you see this all goes back to that video project I was working on this weekend. You see I applied for the RunWestin Concierge position I saw on Meghann’s Facebook page a few weeks back. Never in a million years did I think I would get into the quarter finalist (top 10 out of 1,090 folks that applies) and I did! Once I got the news that I was a quarter-finalist I had 2 days to make a video that explained to them why I would make the perfect candidate! Well… here is the video –


Thank goodness they didn’t make us wait long, because I got a call on MONDAY at 2pm, from the Westin folks letting me know that I made it to the FINAL 5!!! Out of 1, 090 people who signed up!! TALK ABOUT AN HONOR! I was pretty much freaking out! Here are the details of the job description you will see that this job was MADE FOR ME! I seriously have been training for this job my WHOLE LIFE!


Not only did I get a call to let me know I was in the finalists, but that I would be flying out to their headquarters for a live interview on TUESDAY! The interview wasn’t until Wednesday, but they wanted to make sure that I got in OK. So I took the 6am flight to NYC and headed out for a chance of a LIFETIME!!!

So my office for Tuesday looked a bit like this…..


I was picked up at the airport, car and all Winking smile


When I got to my room at the Sheraton Hotel in CT, I ordered room service and got their amazing smoked salmon salad and called it a night!


My interview was at 10:10am so I got to sleep in a bit, but who am I kidding… I couldn’t sleep I was so excited!!! First things first, I enjoyed a lovely cup of BREW, THANK GOD there is Starbucks in every room.


I then ordered an egg white wrap and a pineapple and orange juice smoothie, but I could barely eat it because I WAS SO nervous!


I took my time getting ready. I am pretty sure this is the first time I have worn slacks and a collared shirt in YEARS! Gotta love Ross!


It was then off to my first interview of possibly two! I had to get through the screening panel, from which they narrowed it down to the TOP 3 to go through another interview with some pretty important people at Westin! OH WOW was I nervous! Took some deep breaths in and out, did a lot of praying and truly was myself. I thought the first interview went really well and after hearing even more about the details of the job, I got even more excited about the opportunity!


After my interview I had to wait about two hours before they called me for the next round of interviews (if I even made it), so I had lunch with my beautiful friend Amanda who was a finalist as well! We went back to my hotel and I ordered the Veggie Burger and it was really good and I had a little bit of my appetite back.


I waited and waited and didn’t see a call come in and then I checked and for some reason my phone never rang! I saw a voicemail checked it and I MADE IT! I was in the top 3 and had one more interview at 3:30pm!


My second interview had 8 people in the room and I was in the “hot seat”. I continued to be myself and I think it went pretty great as well. So what’s next? Well, I have to fly to Chicago next weekend to attend the Rock and Roll Marathon for a little “try out”. I am so bringing my ‘A’ GAME! After I get back they will call the finalist to let them know if they will be the first ever RunWestin Concierge.

So as you can see my first week of being my own boss, didn’t last so long!! Not in a million years did I think that there would ever be a job that I felt like I had been training my whole life for.

Hospitality and Customer service…Check!
Personal Trainer…Check!
Loves helping people…Check!

What does this mean? Will I be moving away? NOPE! Best part is I would get to work from home, minus the travel to all the different sites of the Rock and Roll Marathon Series. This is a brand new position so all sorts of things still need to be worked out. But I’ll tell you this, I have never wanted anything more in my life!!!

I have a week till Chicago so next week should be a little bit normal Winking smile


When was the last time you stepped out in faith?
Have you ever stayed at a Westin?
Have you ever ran a Rock and Roll Marathon?

Stay tuned for more details to come!


48 responses to “First Week on the Job: RunWestin”

  1. Girl, I am so excited for you! Thanks for letting me share in this exciting time with you and pray for you!!

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  2. I was on the may and June summer shred with you….. And completely agree that you are perfect for this job!!! How exciting it must be to be considered! Good luck and congratulations for making it this far!!!

  3. You are an inspiration! CONGRATS lady, keep on shining! Loved your video, you have a great presence!

  4. Ah! So exciting and I’m so proud of you! Will keep you in my prayers and hope that everything works out!

  5. Congratulations. I remember reading about the position from someone else I know who was sharing it. Stay focused…it is YOURS.

  6. What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations on getting this far & good luck! 🙂

  7. Hi Bobbi – congratulations on the new opportunity! I really enjoyed watching your video. It’s amazing how God works. Congratulations on making it this far in the process, you would be an asset to this position!

  8. This is huge, I’m so excited for you!

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Bobbi! Sounds like an amazing job and you would be perfect for the job. I have also completed two Rock n Roll Marathons and loved the atmosphere. Where do you buy your daily calendars that are featured beside your laptop in the photos?

  10. Monica Avatar

    So exciting! Congrats! I actually live close to Stamford CT and was looking at the job listings at Starwood and saw this! I am not that advanced in running but I read this posting aloud to my BF and was like this job sounds so fun! I was inspired. So excited that you are so far in the process! Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear about the next steps! Cheering for you!

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      how funny! i really liked Stamford, so cute!!! They have a fun running group that I met up with while I was there!!!

  11. So very awesome Bobbie. You so deserve this. You’re such a warm, carrying, inspiring powerhouse of a woman. The job was made for you! Can’t wait to hear the update.

  12. wow! insn’t it amazing how God works?? He wanted you to step out in faith and then rewarded you! what an awesome God we serve. thanks for keeping us updated. Btw, i am a new reader, but i saw you on twiter and knew there was something different about you-then came here and knew it was the Lord! keep shining your light!

  13. That job sounds truly great! I just wonder how this will affect your life when a little one comes into it? It seems like a lot of travel and time away from this family your working so hard on! I’m sure you have thought about all of this…but it was just the first thing that came to my mind when I read your news!

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      Meg it actually means I can work from home:) which is amazing! I will travel on some weekends, but not every! There are some heavy seasons of course, but 70% of my time will be at home which I am super excited about!!!

  14. Congratulations on making it so far on the process, your video was really fantastic and they would be crazy not to pick you, you seem absolutely perfect for the job! Sending good luck vibes!

  15. Congrats Bobbi!! I loved the video! It sounds like a perfect job for you!! Crazy how things have a way of falling into place. I ran the DC RocknRoll half last year and loved it. Well organized race!!

  16. Congratulations Bobbi! I found your blog through instagram about a year ago,and I have followed you since. Through you I discovered she reads truth. I absolutely love it! Thank you for being so incredibly positive and for sharing your story with us! I’ll be praying for you- you deserve this position!

  17. Jennifer Mobley Avatar
    Jennifer Mobley

    I love your “Stepping out on Faith” story!!! He always blesses obedience in the most amazing ways. I am a veterinarian by trade and God had been telling me to close my practice and go home for at least 4 years. None of it made sense to me so I kept living in disobedience and He wouldn’t leave me alone. I got to the point that I was just miserable and I was bringing the misery into my family. Well, I finally got the nerve to talk with my husband to which he replied, “God’s been telling me the same thing. That we are supposed to move back to the farm.” So, December 2012, I closed my practice and my hubby will be walking away from his full-time job in August because the day after we talked he got a call from his dad asking for him to come home and take over the farm!!! (Which is what he was created to do!) we are both still in awe, and pray that we always see that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever dream or imagine. Ephesians 3:20-23

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      JEN LOVE THIS STORY!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  18. Jessica Avatar

    Where did you get all your office stuff?! I love the Working Hard sign!

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      I made that in Instagram:) But everything else I just printed offline…lol

  19. This is so cool! I worked at Forest Home for a summer in college about 10 years ago, and now I work for Competitor Group (the company that puts on the RNR marathon. I am not entirely sure how your position relates to the events, but this seems like it is something that is definitely well suited to your talents.

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      ANGIE! So cool Westin is partnering with them, so we shall see 🙂

  20. Bobbi, this is such a great opportunity for you! It seems to be a custom-made job for you. That’s why I’d like to offer some constructive criticism and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way – I truly mean to help. I’m sure the committee will be looking at your blog as part of their selection process. You have just got to work on your grammar! I notice you consistently use your/you’re incorrectly. And “collard shirt”? That is just painful. It would be sad if something as easy to fix as grammar stopped you from winning this position. Again, I don’t mean to offend and I wish you the best of luck.

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      Thanks girl! Ya I know I know grammar is one of my biggest weaknesses, thanks for the constructive criticism:) I know you mean well and I am working to perfect that!!!!! Thanks friend.

  21. WAHOO! This is so flipping AWESOME and best of luck to you! It’s kind of funny to see you in “business attire” 😉 Cannot wait to hear how the next round goes. High-Fives from Texas!

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    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      Thanks girl!!! I know I am not used to it either:)

  22. Bobbi, I am so excited for you! I think you make a great candidate for this job! I’m part of the shredders and your encouragement and commitment to us can be felt even through the internet. I can’t imagine how great it will be for those in person at the Rock n’ Roll series. GOOD LUCK!

  23. What an AMAZING opportunity!! It is so amazing what happends when you let go and trust God! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! It sounds like such an amazing experience!!

  24. WOW! So cool! I’ll be praying for your try out in Chicago, what a chance of a lifetime. You will be perfect for the job, and as you already know all is in God’s hands. We’ll be waiting to hear your news.

  25. Rachel C. Avatar
    Rachel C.

    This is so awesome and I hope you get the job! You’re positive outlook and personality really comes through on your blog and is really inspiring. You seem perfect for the job! Plus, I’m running RNR Virginia Beach and Philly this year and would love to meet you!

  26. Wow, so exciting! I haven’t really introduced myself yet, but I found you thanks to Brittany Trentham (I went to school with her) and I’ve been following along with your blog and IG for awhile now. I’m so excited for you because I truly feel God is working this all out for you. His plan is perfect! Congrats…and I’m looking forward to hearing more about this opportunity.

  27. That’s amazing! Congrats!!

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  28. Congrats! Your video is amazing!! The Lord is truly working wonders for you, and I cannot wait to see how you can transfer His love onto the others that you interact with at the race next week! Let His light shine through you girl, and I know you’ll rock it!!

  29. Your video is INCREDIBLE! You’re sure to be a shoe-in for the position 🙂

    I quit my job in Marketing after 5 years last year to go back to school to become a Registered Dietitian. Change is scary and not always easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it! Good luck on your next new adventure!! 🙂

  30. Michelle Avatar

    I am running the Chicago Rock and Roll half! Good luck!!! That’s so exciting! You should do a chicago meet up!

  31. Fingers and toes crossed for you Bobbi! I hope you get it! 🙂

  32. Running a Rock and Roll half is a total goal of mine. I think that you made me even more excited to pursue it asap after reading this! I wish you lots of luck!! 🙂

  33. So so happy for you. Your philosophy of “choose joy” really shines thru and I have no doubt that is what has brought you this far in the interview process. You’ve go this!!!

    Last time I stepped out in faith was when my sister and I finally started a business with our Mom’s art, Still work to be done but making a dream of many years come true.

    My first marathon was the RNR San Diego, loved it.

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      I LOVED that race so much! I did it twice!!! Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  34. so will you be at RnR expos? I ran the Seattle RnR half this year and saw the Westin booth where they had a package you could purchase as a part of the race day.

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      thats where I will be 😉

  35. It’s amazing to feel so excited about something, like your calling in this world is right there in front of you. Good luck!!!

  36. I love how you followed your gut feeling and decided to work for yourself. This opportunity came at the perfect time and you’re nailing each round! Great job on the video. It seriously looks amazing for having just two days to work on it. I’m so so so happy for you!! You’re going to rock the Rock N Roll race try-out!!! 😀 😀

  37. Congratulations, bobbi! I am so happy someone like you made it to the finalist stages. I can’t imagine the nerves for interviews like that!
    I think you would be a natural with your experience and encouraging ways.
    I love Westin hotels. And I’ve run one RnR (my first marathon in AZ in ’04) and one RnR half (Denver last year). I think they’re such fun races!
    Good luck in Chicago!!

    1. Bobbi from nhershoes Avatar
      Bobbi from nhershoes

      thanks ABBY!!!