FoodBuzz Blogger Festival

I seriously have the best BOSS in the whole world, and I don’t say that to “suck” up I promise she is just great. I love all my co-workers they are amazing gals!! Today we went out to a local Mexican Restaurant and had some authentic Mexican food, I haven’t had “real” Mexican food in a very long time.

I tried to keep my hands off of these chips but they were tooooo wonderful!

I ordered a bean, rice, lettuce and avocado burrito. IT WAS HUGE!

I ate the whole thing and suffered for it all day. I found out that their was LARD in the beans and almost died!!! I thought that most Mexican places took the lard out these days. Oh well I’ll live!

When I got back from lunch I drank the second half of my POM Tea, hoping it would pump some HEALTH in me…I think the taste is growing on me:).

Thanks for all the tips about what movie to see tonight, I think we are going to go with Julia and Julia because the girls have already seen The Time Travelers Wife.
Today I was reading the details of the FoodBuzz Blogger Festival and I SOOOO preregistered, it’s FREE for FoodBuzz Publishers:) I am so stoked, anyone else going????


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