Food,Family, & Fish!

Small preview of today mini-meals/lunch(still trying to figure out some major cravings about an hour after I eat lunch)

Lunch 12:45pm

Large Salad with lot’s of veggies,tuna,goat cheese, and almonds

Small Bowl of Butter Nut Squash Soup( not as good as the one from Fresh & Easy) A yummy fresh plum
Mini Meal #1 -2:00pm Chocolate Hemp Milk Mini Meal #2 -A fiberful fruit snack at 4:00pm

Then on into the evening….

Tonight did not go the way it was planned, and it was great! You see I am not a spontaneous person and all though I would like to be one it is just so hard for me. I am a planner by nature and normally I do not like to veer from the plan. Tonight I did and God blessed me.

The day was pretty average no major hiccups. I picked up my brother at 6pm and we headed up to me casa, dinner was already prepared! Hubby made his famous vinegar chicken ( I had salmon because he made that for me too) and all I had to do was prepare a few side dishes, brown rice, green beans, blackened corn, and cous cous for me. It was so nice to have a full dinner table. Hubby and I got our dining room table right after we got married and we just love to entertain, but it’s been a while sense we have set the whole table.

Hubby’s Chicken

My Grilled Salmon and Whole Wheat Cous Cous

The Fam

My Dessert of course!

After dinner bro and I were about to head to bible study when he told me how it was so nice chilling with family and he wish he could do that more often. So I made the decision for us to stay home and hang out with the fam. WOW that was a big step for me. We played some major ping pong and I killed both my brothers, haha. Sense we were kids I was always the one to get the smack down! It was some good times. I even got to go to hubby’s baseball game and while we were there I talked to my grandma on the phone, which was a call I have been trying to make all weekend now. And I also ran into my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin who were taking a walk in the park. I love living in a small town:)

Well I am home now planning my day for tomorrow of course;) In the morning I will set out for my first workout sense the marathon. My goal is to run for 2 miles easy, and I mean easy. Then I want to do a little yoga and ab workout. We will see how it goes. Night everyone!


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