Four Couples and Their Children AKA DOGS!

Our Saturday was filled with relaxation and friends, so perfect!

After lunch we hit up the dog park for Rockies’ 1st birthday party. When you don’t have children the first step is having a pet, and boy do we spoil them🙂 My camera battery died so I only got a few pics. It was a lot of fun and exercise! Revay brought hot chocolate for all of us to enjoy, so I busted out my coffee mug it was in my purse.

december27th 002

She even had hats and treats for the dogs.

december27th 003

Bosco and Rocky playing.



Bosco slept the rest of the day

december27th 001

We came home and got changed to head out to a fancy Italian dinner with friends. We went to a restaurant called Trilussa. We started off with the most delicious, soft warm bread.

december27th 004

I ordered a glass of Chianti Red.

december27th 007

I ordered the PENNE VEGETARIANE (Tomato sauce, assorted chopped vegetables). I loved it, so much I ate the whole thing!

december27th 009

Here is the gang. I love these FRIENDS!

december27th 005

The night was still young so we headed over to the Bowies for some more Apples to Apples, and PIT.

december27th 010 december27th 014

december27th 015 december27th 011

We stayed out late and woke up early, last morning to sleep in before the vacation is over and I didn’t take advantage. I woke up craving Sbux so I threw on my Uggs and sweatpants and hit up the coffee shop. I ordered a tall non-fat ginger snap latte, never had it, loved it!

december27th 018

The sun is out today, and it’s just the perfect weather for a Sunday!

december27th 019

I tried the O SO LOVED PUFFINS this morning. I have seen these on many blogs and thought it was about time I tried them for myself. WOW they are good, I think they would be even better with PB and bananas I will be trying this soon.

december27th 020

I only had a little because I made a new Sunday morning treat. Homemade Cinnamon Rolls!!! I know that they are not the healthiest food out there, but I love them and I love having special treats on Sunday mornings and so does hubby! They were so warm and yummy:)

december27th 022

We went to church this morning and then we stopped by the Nike Factory Outlet to spend my gift card. I saw so many fun things ,but I went with the practicals.

A running armband for my phone and money. After losing $60 I thought this was a MUST. I also got two pairs of my favorite running socks, and a cute black coolmax tank top.


I had a repeat lunch from yesterday but I did add some tofu to my salad.

december27th 026

december27th 027 december27th 028

december27th 024

Tonight I hope to make something yummy with tofu, any suggestions?  I am loving being a Vegetarian so FAR!

Hubby and I are going to a boot camp kickboxing class today at 3pm I am excited, I loved this class last week! I love being able to workout with hubby, I wish we did it more often. That’s one thing that I hope we change this year. I know that we play softball together and that’s a start, but there is more more we can do together.

Today is the last day of the HBBC Challenge, I can’t wait to see if I won anything, but more importantly I HAD SO MUCH FUN doing it and Runtofinish was an awesome host.

Right now I am watching another movie Monster In Law, so far on vacation I have watched like 20!!!! I have really enjoyed this Holiday, I have spent time with family,friends,new friends, hubby, organizing, vegging, entertaining,reading,running, and cooking! It couldn’t have been better. I hope all of you who were off were able to enjoy it:) I am back to the grind tomorrow, I am trying not to think of all that is going to start this January. Work, school, and training for Boston. Well at least there is much to be excited for! God is good.

Everyone have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday!


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