Free Pastry Day

This morning when I got to work my co-worker kindly reminded us, that it was FREE PASTRY day at Starbucks!! If you order any drink before 10:30am you got a free pastry. Because our office just loves free things we took a little field trip and had our morning meeting down the hill.

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I ordered a medium coffee and a oatmeal berry bar thingy. I had a couple bites and saved the rest for tonight. It was wonderful of course!


While I was there I also found the French Press that I have been eying on Kath’s blog!!! I love it, because it is one of the colors in my kitchen 😉 I got a pound of their Pikes Place Roast to go with it.  

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Mid Morning Snack

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One Veggie Sandwich (minus the avocado because it wasn’t ripe enough) on a WW Bagel Thin.

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Carrots with the amazing edamame hummus!!!

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A Pink Lady + Veggie Chips for crunch.

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A delightful lunch.

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I really loved a readers suggestion this morning about making my lunch every Sunday during my prep time. so I can just grab and go throughout the week. I am just so indecisive sometimes and at time I just eat leftovers. I think I am going to try it next week just for fun!

I received this wonderful book in the mail yesterday from a reader, THANK YOU DEE! I wrote about a healthy racing weight on my blog recently and she offered to send it to me. “Racing Weight” speaks all about this subject. It has some great recipes and workouts. I can’t wait to read it!

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No track workout tonight 🙁 I am filling in for a KB instructor and hitting the track tomorrow.

I would love to add a new ab or circuit move to my class tonight, any ideas????