Morning friends 🙂

Last night I did some babysitting for my company and man was it exhausting. It was a lot of fun for sure, but when I got home I was DONE. I give a huge round of applause for moms out there. They need more energy then anyone else on the planet!

On the way home last night I knew exactly what I wanted to make for breakfast, crock pot Steal Cut Oats. A reader sent me an easy recipe.

I love steel cut oat!  I cook mine in the crock pot overnight too.  Here are a couple tips… Spray the pot with Pam first (they tend to stick) and increase the water a little bit.  My preferred ratio is 1 cup of oat to 5 cuts of water.  I portion this into 5 servings so that they are ready in the morning for me.

I put everything in my crock-pot and couldn’t wait until I got up this morning.


I couldn’t be more stoked about breakfast being ready when I woke up 🙂


I was a little unsure about the texture at first because it was more like cream of wheat then oatmeal. When I took out a serving and let it sit out for a little while, it thickened right up.



  • Sliced Almonds
  • Vanilla Almond Granola
  • 1/2 sliced Nanner
  • Spoonful of Maranatha AB


So quick and easy! I now have 4 more servings for the future 🙂



A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Fresh and Easy Shopping Market to join them at a special focus group they are hosting at their home office. The meeting is to explore more vegetarian and vegan options.  They would like to hear my opinion on this discussion and my ideas as they start to look at some new options and products for their stores.

I was pretty stoked when I got Sallie’s email! My blogger/real friend Megan (check out her blog, it is so cute) is going to be joining me tonight.

So with all this said, I would love some feedback from all of you to take to the meeting with me tonight!! I am not vegan or vegetarian. I am more like flexatarian, but I still love both options.

If you could shop at just one store for everything, what are some vegetarian/vegan options that you would love for them to carry???



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