Fresh from the Border

Oh what a lovely day! We had our end of the year class party today at the pool. The weather didn’t not agree with us, it barely reached 65 degrees! It was beautiful weather for everyday, but just not that great for the pool. We started the party off with lunch! We grilled out and had plenty of lovely choices.

food 043

I loved this nifty contraption, it keeps all of your food cool with ice on the bottom. One of the mom’s told me she got it at Kohl’s!!

food 051

I started off with some veggies,black bean dip,salsa, fruit and a few chips while my veggie burger was on the grill.

food 052
I have never tried these burgers before, Vegetable Masala an Indian delight! A Mom brought them from TJ’s!

food 045

My burger was topped with spicy mustard, lettuce,tomato, and onion.

food 050

WOW these were delicious!!! I will have to remember these in the future. I actually have never had Indian food, every time I read Gina’s Indian Restaurant reviews I remember I need to get out an experiment .

My students sure can EAT!!!

food 044 food 046

And the girls just love to play dress up with all my things! Some how I had two pairs of sunglasses in my purse!

food 053 

After lunch the kids got in the pool and I sat and watched:) They actually ended up spending most of their time in the hot tub.

food 047

Then it was time for dessert, mama cupcakes, and baby cupcakes!

food 057

Once again, not a big fan of CC’s, but I had a baby one without frosting just to try it. Yep still not a big fan.

food 055

After the party we returned to school where the students continued to amuse me. Isn’t;t this the funniest thing EVER?!

food 056food 058

I enjoyed a late afternoon snack that was AMAZING!! One whole wheat pita with AB smeared all over and melted in the microwave!

food 049

I got home tonight and decided not to teach kickboxing so that I can prepare for tomorrow’s bootcamp with the ladies and get a decent night’s rest before the last day of school. This meant that I got to COOK dinner🙂 I decided to go with some Baja Taco’s!

I cut up some cilantro and tomatoes for the guacamole!

food 062

Added in one avocado, red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper, and a little lime juice. I was all out of yogurt so I added in a little tofu for some creaminess!

food 065

I threw it in the Vita-Mix and ta-da, perfection! I loved the added tofu to the mix it made it nice and creamy!

food 066

I cut up one chicken breast and grilled it up with some McCormick Taco Seasoning!

food 063 

I made myself two nice mini Grilled Baja style taco’s. Filled with black beans,chicken,guac,and romaine.

food 067

food 069

I had a little extra black beans and guac on the side!

food 068

I brought Hubby his DREAM DINNER! Yes my Hubby is easy to please:)

food 071 

I still have some Lime Cactus beers left over from our Memorial Day BBQ, this paired perfectly with my tacos!

food 073 

Hubby is watching baseball and I think I shall join him while I catch up on blogs and prepare for bootcamp! I can’t wait to share with you all how it goes, I will be posting later in the afternoon tomorrow so stay tuned!

Have a BEAUTIFUL evening!


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