Fresh new beginnings

I love fresh new beginnings and that’s what Mondays are too me. New story’s to tell, and new stories to live. Today wasn’t too bad for a Monday. I got to sleep in so that is always a plus. Hubby had to take me to work because I woke up too late to take the bus:( but I did ride my bike after work to kickboxing. Beofore I went to kickboxing I went in to the bike shop and dreamed about a bike I want, we have a love relationship waiting to blossom.

For lunch I had a yummy salad I saved from last night, with a fresh nectarine (in my new lap top lunch box:)).

I can’t believe that I am running my marathon in 5days! Woot woot! I was talking to a friend tonight who wants me to help her with a training program, and diet. I think that is so cool, and I feel honored. Even though I am not yet certified, I am blessed to help in all that I can. I think that the plan is what has got me through this training season. It’s running with an end in mind. I can exercises for fun no doubt, but when there is a goal to be obtained it is a whole new ball game. I want to get up and meet my times, and be like an Olympian training for the big race. I might not be a paid athlete but I sure feel like it some days. With the constant pushing of the mind and body I feel like I can do anything. I am ready to take on this race full force, and I am not afraid to stare it in the face and take all that it has for me. My body and mind feel ready!

I taught kickboxing tonight and came home to a crock pot full of lentils, and a protein shake. A interesting, and kinda boring dinner. I wasn’t that hungry but I knew I would be at midnight when I was asleep and dreaming about pizza.
Well I need to head to bed I am due for a shower and some rest. Easy 3.5 mile run in the morning, and hopefully it will be a productive and quiet morning.


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