Fresh Off the Press

Pictures from the Santa Barbara them! Notice I have a blue tongue from a Jolly Rancher someone gave me…too funny.


This morning I went to the gym super early and took on day three of my finish strong series!

From Gina’s Summer Shape up Challenge

-Elliptical 5 minutes to warm up
Dumbbell lateral raise
Triceps extension machine
Elliptical 5 minutes (1 minute steady pace, 30 seconds as fast as you can go; repeat for 5 minutes)
Dumbbell chest fly (do this laying on a mat)
Dumbbell upright row
-Elliptical 5 minutes (start at 5 resistance and 5 incline and increase each by 1 for total of 5 minutes)
Chest press machine
-Push ups- as many as you can
-Crunches (3 sets of 15-25)
-Elliptical 10 minutes

Plus Angela’s Whittle Away My Middle

Day 2:

  • Plank: 1:03 seconds (arms fully extended)
  • Side plank: 25 secs. on each side (arm fully extended)
  • Plank with elbows on stability ball: 50 secs.
  • Stability Ball Jackknifes: 15 reps
  • Stability ball roll out: 15 reps
  • Plank Rotations: 30 seconds

I feel great! Did anyone watch TBL last night, did that not just motivate you to get moving?!!!

For breakfast I made a GM!

Spinach+ Nanner + Soy Milk + Flax Seed + Raspberries + Ice

Picture 311

Lunch 🙂

Picture 312

Off to catch my carpool up the mountain!

Question: What is something that motivates you to be healthy?


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